A collage of 6 images of houseplants: African Violets, Snake Plants, Spider Plants & Pothos, Calathea, Bromeliads and Monsteras

Textural, Colorful & Beneficial Houseplants!

Lucky Bamboo HouseplantStop by your local SummerWinds Nursery to explore our awesome selection of houseplants...

Whether you like interesting foliage or colorful blooms, we have a vast selection of houseplants to choose from at SummerWinds Nursery, including those listed below (available seasonally, while supplies last).

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  • Flowering Houseplants - Available seasonally, our selection of flowering houseplants ranges from African violets to cyclamen, to peace lilies, begonias, scented geraniums, jasmine, poinsettias, bromeliads, lipstick plants, impatiens, kalanchoe, oxalis, Christmas cactus, crown of thorns, and more...
  • Bonsai - Enjoy the ancient art of Bonsai with our selection of Bonasi plants, accessories and tools
  • Chinese Money Plant - This Instagram favorite makes a great addition to any home...
  • Lucky Bamboo - We've got a great selection of playful pots for our lucky bamboo plants, including pots with pandas, dolphins, turtles, dragons and more! 
  • Sansevierias - Often called mother-in-law's tongue or a snake plant, we have a variety of these easy care plants.
  • Spider Plants - There are a lot of different varieties of spider plants. Stop by your local SummerWinds Nursery to explore our selection...
  • Succulents & Cacti - Succulents and cacti can be grown both outdoors and in! From small and adorable to elegant statement pieces, succulents and cacti can make a beautiful addition to any home!
  • Air platntsTillandsias - Also known as air plants, tillandsias are easy to care for, require little watering, have fabulous texture and some even bloom! We even have gorgeous tillandsia wreaths!
  • ZZ Plants - The Zanzibar Gem is easy-to-care-for, resilient and beautiful, with thick, glossy leaves that grow in an interesting pattern. It tolerates low light and requires little water. It's the ultimate houseplant!
  • Dwarf Citrus Trees - With the right care, you can grow a dwarf citrus tree indoors.  Check out our dwarf lime, lemon, kumquat, mandarin varieties and more...
  • Holiday Houseplants - During the holiday season, we offer a beautiful selection of holiday houseplants, including: Easter Cactus, Amaryllis, Christmas Cactus, Cyclamen and Poinsettias - Available Seasonally, While Supplies Last!
  • And more... selection varies by location; available while supplies last.

closeups of 5 different houseplant varieties

Houseplants and a variety of accessories including SW Potting Soil, EB Stone Organics Plant Food and a Moisture Meter

Houseplant Accesories

Your local SummerWinds has a wide variety of houseplant accessories, including pots, plant hangers, plant stands, moisture and light meters, soils, fertilizers, amendments, hakki Organics' living microbes, and more...


hakki Organics - Houseplant Bliss with a healthy houseplant.

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