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How To Master The Care Of Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

The fiddle leaf fig is one of the top “it” plants this year, gracing the pages of magazines and the floors of luxury homes. Its iconic leaves, which give the plant its name, and dainty veins contribute to the fiddle leaf fig’s graceful silhouette. Before you snap one up to feature on your Instagram page, however, you should be prepared for how much space – and maintenance – they need to stay healthy in your home.

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Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Overview

With the proper care, a fiddle leaf fig can grow several feet each year and reach heights of six feet or more indoors. While young specimens can temporarily live on a shelf while they’re small, you’ll want to make sure you have some floor space reserved for when it starts growing in earnest.


The fiddle leaf fig prefers lots of bright, filtered light to soak up the rays all day long. To provide it with bright, but indirect, light place your fiddle leaf fig within 4-5 feet of a window that faces east or west, and 3-5 feet from a window that faces south or southwest. You may have to move your plant a few times before you find its favorite spot.

For optimal exposure, give your plant a quarter turn every few months when you notice it “reaching” towards the light. Wiping down the leaves once a week will keep them free of dusk and help the plant to absorb more sunlight.

For more tips on finding the ideal lighting for your fiddle leaf fig, check out this article on our blog.

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Wait for the top inch of your fiddle leaf fig tree’s soil to dry before you pick up your watering can. Cold water can shock the plant, so let it sit out at room temperature before you pour.

While a fiddle leaf fig prefers to be watered thoroughly, it will be unhappy sitting in a puddle. Make sure that all excess water has drained out through the bottom of its pot and then empty any standing liquid from the bottom of the tray.

The leaves of an underwatered fiddle leaf fig will turn brown along the edges and drop, while an overwatered fiddle leaf fig will have both dark brown spots and edges with an unpleasant smell lingering near the soil.

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The fiddle leaf fig is native to warm, moist climates so keep it in a room that stays between 65 and 75 degrees. To increase humidity you can keep other plants near them, or pour a layer of gravel into the drainage tray to hold extra water while keeping the roots of the plant dry.

Fiddle leaf figs are also sensitive to drafts, so keep surrounding windows shut tightly.Also, be sure to keep a distance between your plant and any air conditioning units. Too much exposure can dry out the leaves and cause them to drop.

Share Your Fiddle Leaf Fig With Your Friends

To propagate your fiddle leaf fig, find a healthy branch with multiple leaves. Cut right above where your desired leaf connects with the tree (known as the “node”) and put the branch into a vase of filtered water in a sunny spot.

Replace the water whenever it seems dirty or cloudy, and after a month your cutting should develop roots. When the roots have reached a length of several inches, your cutting can be potted.

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Talk To The Experts At SummerWinds About Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle leaf fig care isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but you’ll definitely prove yourself as a plant parent if you succeed! For questions or concerns, you can stop by any one of our convenient valley locations and talk to one of our Trusted Garden Advisors.

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