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Chinese Money Plant: We Have Your Favorite Instagram Houseplant

Did you know that houseplants weren’t always a common household item?

As Rebecca Bullene of Greenery NYC told How Stuff Works, “In the Victorian era, ferns, palms and other ‘exotics' were a big deal for the wealthy class,” says Bullene. “If you had plants it meant you were a person of means, so it was something to aspire to.”

Chinese Money Houseplant

How interesting! Lucky for us, the modern houseplant era boomed in the 1970s and stuck around! Not only are houseplants beautiful, they are good for our health too.  Read our blog, Breathe Easy: How to Purify the Air with 8 Indoor Plants,” to learn more.

One of the hottest houseplants of the moment is the Chinese Money houseplant, or pilea peperomiodies.

If you follow even a couple of plant pages on Instagram (you can follow us here), you’ve likely seen the Chinese Money houseplant!

The Chinese Money houseplant is a favorite of just about everyone online, making them hard to get—but we have them in stock now!

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Caring for Your Chinese Money Plant

Discovered in Yunnan in China, this plant spread to Norway after a missionary clipped it and brought it back with him.

Chinese Money HouseplantAs Green Obsessions describes, “Pilea peperomioides is an evergreen perennial succulent and can grow to almost 12 inches tall and wide in about 5-10 years. It is erect with green shield – shaped leaves that can be as big as 4 inches in diameter.”

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one, give it bright, but indirect sunlight. It is also recommended you don’t give it too much water (they hate constantly wet soil). Make sure you use soil and a container that drains well, and water only when the soil is dry.

The main plant will often grow new plants on its stem or soil. As Green Obsessions notes, “You can separate baby from mother plant when they are big enough (about 3 inches) by cutting the connection between mother and baby with a sharp knife. The baby plant will already have roots so plop it into another pot and voilà!”

To download a care sheet about the Chinese Money houseplant, click here.

You can get your own fun and bright Chinese Money houseplant at your local SummerWinds Nursery right now! Hurry, before they sell out!

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