Garden Art & Décor

A stone birdbath with reeds, a Buddha head, glass and rock stakes, ceramic Shroomyz, stone turtles, a garden gnome, a metal hearts rainchain, and a Talavera kitty.

At SummerWinds, we have a variety of ever-changing garden décor items—many that make great gifts!

Art & Décor for Your Garden and HomeHenri Studios - Stonecasters - Driftwood Style Bench against a stone wall. 

  • Bella Moss packages
  • Birdbaths: including Talavera, ceramic and stone
  • Ceramic or Talavera: garden globes, animals, suns, mushrooms, shroomyz, and more...
  • Colorful Window Charms
  • Decorative Rain Chains: made from metal or made from recycled shattered glass
  • Decorative moss-covered items: birdhouses, purses, shoes, trellises and more...
  • Flower Pillows: handmade in Sedona, these small ceramic vases are perfect for small cut flowers and buds
  • Rock and glass garden art sculpturesLisa Howe Heart Pots with tiny African Violets
  • Sculptures & Statues: including colorful, Zen, meditative, religious, nature-themed, and mythical
  • Small ceramic hearts by artist Lisa Howe: perfect for use as a decorative dish or minature planter
  • Stone Benches from Henri Studio
  • Windchimes: bamboo, metal, wood and more...
  • and much more!

At SummerWinds, We Guarantee Success!

A birdbath with frogs; a rhino statue, a sun made from glass, rocks and metal, angels reading statue, 3 Asian-inspired statues.