4 images - Studio M Garden Art Pole, A black stone Buddha head surrounded by plants, a closeup of a recycyled glass decorative rain chain, and a carved wooden mushroom sculpture with plants in background

At SummerWinds, we have a variety of ever-changing garden décor items—many that make great gifts!

Garden Art & Décor ItemsA closeup of a colorful Talavera animal with a potted houseplant in the background 

  • Garden Art Poles
  • Sculptures & Statues: including Colorful, Zen and Meditative 
  • Decorative Rain Chains
  • Ceramic Garden Globes, Animals, Suns and more...
  • Bella Moss packages
  • Decorative moss-covered items: birdhouses, purses, shoes, trellises and more...
  • Small ceramic hearts by artist Lisa Howe: perfect for use as a decorative dish or minature planter
  • Colorful Window Charms
  • Flower Pillows: handmade in Sedona, these small ceramic vases are perfect for small cut flowers and buds

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