An assortment of colorful African violets, Anthuriums and Bromeliads

6 Flowering Indoor Plants with Long-Lasting Blooms

Flower bouquets are a lovely way to add color and beauty to your indoor decor, but it’s always a bummer when those blooms fade after a few short weeks. The perfect alternative? Indoor flowering plants. Many will bloom for several months at a time, and some can bloom all year round!

Get Incredible Color That Lasts With These Flowering Houseplants

Indoor plants are spectacular, to begin with, but houseplants that bloom are on a whole other level. Here are the best flowering houseplants to brighten up your home.

An assortment of white, pink and purple African VioletsAfrican Violets

Who could resist those velvety soft leaves and dazzling jewel-toned blooms? African violets are one of the easiest indoor plants to grow, with a tolerance for lower light levels and continuous flowering that can continue for over ten months—sometimes all year round! Most African Violets have purple, magenta, or white flowers, but there are also bi-colored varieties with icy pastel tones.

Be sure to avoid watering the fuzzy leaves directly and water the soil instead. If moisture collects in the leaves, mold can develop, and tiny white spots will appear. Other than that, you’re not likely to encounter any issues with this easy-care indoor plant. Note: African Violets are typically available at your local SummerWinds in the fall, winter and spring—while supplies last.

An assortment of red, pink, orange and black anthuriumsAnthuriums

The perfect statement piece for a pop of color—Anthuriums always leave a lasting impression! Their distinctive single-petalled flowers have a glossy finish and a thick yellow or green spadix. These popular indoor plants usually have red flowers, but there are also pink, purple, white, yellow, orange, and even black varieties!

As with most tropical indoor plants, Anthuriums prefer bright, indirect light because intense direct sunlight can scorch their foliage. They also enjoy humidity, and dry air can make their leaves crispy, so it’s a good idea to mist your Anthuriums regularly. Typically available throughout the year.

An assortment of pink, orange and pineapple bromeliadsBromeliads

If you love ultra-vibrant color and creative decor, the Bromeliad will certainly spark some joy in your life! Their neon bracts resemble a supersized flower sitting in the center of their spout-shaped foliage. That spout shape is no coincidence—it’s actually a mechanism for the Bromeliad to collect water. Their leaves come together to form a cup in the center of the plant, and the best way to water it is by pouring water inside.

The bracts last for several months, but once they fade, your plant won’t start flowering again. However, they will produce plant “pups” that can be replanted into an entirely new Bromeliad, starting the cycle all over again!  Note: Bromeliads are typically available at your local SummerWinds in the fall, winter and spring—while supplies last.

Blooming Hoya plantHoyas

This vining indoor succulent has made a huge comeback! Once hugely popular in the 1970s, this retro indoor plant is loved for its white flower clusters with pink star-shaped centers and its trailing foliage you can train to grow up a trellis or pole or leave to cascade downward. Place your hoya in a hanging basket in a window with indirect or filtered sunlight, or plant it in a pot with a metal hoop trellis as artful decor to keep on the mantle. Bright light encourages flowering, but you’ll want to keep it away from direct sun beams. Typically available throughout the year.

Purple Moth OrchidsOrchids

This sought-after flowering indoor plant has developed a reputation for being high-maintenance, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! It just has slightly different care requirements than your typical indoor plant. Moth Orchids are the best option for beginners—they do best in loose, chunky, soilless potting mediums like shredded bark or peat moss.  Removing your Orchid from its container and soaking the roots under a running faucet is the best way to water it. Once your Orchid’s stem gets long and starts to flop over, you can add a skinny stake to the pot and use small butterfly clips to keep it secure. Alternatively, you can grow them in E.B. Stone Organics Orchid Mix and water them directly in their container. Note: Orchids are typically available in limited supply at your local SummerWinds briefly in the spring and fall—while supplies last.

Peace LilyPeace Lilies

There’s something undeniably sweet and serene about the Peace Lily—its elegant ivory blooms stand tall upon slender, upright stems, with long, deep green leaves that spread out like a fountain. In addition to their beautiful displays, Peace Lilies have incredible air filtering powers and can remove toxins like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. Typically available throughout the year.

These indoor flowering plants can handle medium-to-low light levels and are relatively drought-tolerant. If they need water, they’ll start to flop over, but they’ll perk back up as soon as you top off their soil with some moisture.

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