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3 images: cactus plant against wall with another plant with purple flowers, a blooming succulent in a white pot on a shelf, and a variety of succulents planted in a wooden vertical planterExplore our Incredible Selection of Succulent & Cactus Plants

From big to small and fun to elegant, cacti and succulent gardens are in bloom at SummerWinds Nursery. Stop by your local SummerWinds Nursery to explore our vast selection.

10 Creative and Beautiful Ways to Incorporate Cactus and Succulent Plants in your Home and Garden

Check out these fabulous ideas—many of which we found on Pinterest; for more, click on the photos and links below.

Table top succulentsTabletop Simplicity

From a wooden box to a fancy serving bowl, you can plant up a beautiful and simple tabletop centerpiece for everyday use or for that special occasion.

Small & Fun Succulents


Small & Fun Succulents

Drought-tolerant hair? These fun and playful potted creations grow just that. Have some small spice containers you don't use? Why not turn them into fun mini planters?

Elegant Accents


Elegant Accents & Gifts

From everyday elegance to creating a spectacular gift or accent, succulents can be used to create absolutely stunning arrangements.

Cactus and Succulents in Glass Vases



Glass Wonders

Glass vases and terrariums are great ways to house your indoor succulent and cacti gardens. From large floor-standing vases to decorative table-top pieces with miniature plants, there's a range of styles and plant varieties to choose from.

Custom Creations



Create Your Own Potted Masterpiece

Plant a themed succulent and cacti garden in a pot, urn or old fountain to create visual interest, layers of texture and splases of color in your garden or on your patio.

Minimalist Gardens



Minimalist Gardens

Create a tranquil garden landscape with a minimalist approach by juxteposing accent plants in rock and sand gardens, or alongside pathways and structures. Or, simply create a vast greenscape by using two plant varieties—one tall and one short—to create interest both vertically and horizontally.

Modern Accents

Modern Accents

From modern letter planters, to dramatic planter accents and specific varieties planted for interested and texture in just that spot in your garden, succulents and cacti can add drama and interest to your entry, garden or patio.

Cactus and Succulents Gardens

Cactus & Succulent Gardens

Who says that you can't create a "lush" environment in the desert? You absolutely can with drought-tolerant succulents and cacti planted in groups within garden beds. Within the many gorgeous shades of green offered by succulents and cacti are pops of colorful and surprising blooms, as well as succulents that are both brighter and darker in color—such as chartreuse and eggplant colored plants.

Cactus and Succulents BordersPathway Borders

Succulents and cacti can provide very colorful and interesting landscape and garden borders. From fire red groundcovers to coral colors reached toward the sky, your borders can be anything but boring with succulent and cactus plants!

Planting with Found Objects



Found Objects

Still have dad's favorite work boots or your favorite toy? Why not put your old favorite treasures to new-found use as a planter for cacti and succulents?

How to Repot your Succulent & Cactus Plants

Planting Cactus and SucculentsSo, it's time to repot your succulent or cactus plants? These eight easy steps will help you succeed in providing your plants with a strong foundation for success!

1. Prepare your Plant

Carefully remove your plant from the pot it is currently in. As you do so, remove the majority of the soil from the plant's roots. Since nurseries often grow a wide variety of plants in the same soil, more often than not succulents and cacti are sold in soil that is far too rich for their on-going growth and success.

2. Prepare your New Container

Once you determine the container that you want to use, prepare it by doing the following: (1) clean any debris or old soil out of the inside, (2) If there are not currently holes in the container and you are able to add them, carefull do so, (3) place a piece of mesh screen or tape over the drainage hole(s) so that the new, rockier soil you will plant them in does not fall out of the container over time.

EB Stone Organics Cactus & Succulent Potting & Planting Mix

3. Add E.B. Stone Organics Cactus & Succulent Potting & Planting Mix to the Container

E.B. Stone Organics Cactus & Succulent Potting & Planting Mix is an ideal potting mix for all types of indoor and outdoor cactus and succulent plants.  Contains extra pumice for superior drainage, as well as aged fir, aged redwood, lava rock and sand. Can be used straight out of the bag as a potting soil, or as a soil amendment. Be certain to leave at least an inch of room at the top of the container for the addtion of more soil and a top dressing once your plant is placed in the container.

4. Consider your Compostion

Before placing your plants, we recommend that you consider a few key topics. What's the growth pattern of the plant? Is the plant you picked flat-lying and would happily trail over the side of your container or will it grow a tall blossom? We also recommend clustering similar shapes together and considering color in the placement of your plants in order to create visual interest.

Do you have a small accent rock or piece of wood you'd like to add to your arrangement? Perhaps you have a miniature treasure you'd like to add? If so, now is the time to consider where you'd like to place it.

5. Add your Plants to the Soil

Grow Well Cactus JuiceThe roots of succulent and cactus plants aren't utilized quite as much as those of other plants. This is because most of the plants nutrients and water is retained in it's leaves. Since that's the case, you can nestle the roots of succulents and cacti plants in the soil closer to one another. Once you plant them, add additional soil if needed in order to ensure the roots are slightly snug—but not tight—in their place.

6. Top Off with Soil and a Top Dressing

Now that you've planted your succulents and cacti, it's time to add your top dressing of small decorative pebbles or moss, if desired. Lightly press the top dressing down to help keep your plants in the soil. Next, finish off your arrangement with any accent piece you may have.

7. Wait 1-2 days Before you Water

Before you water your new creation, we recommend that you wait 1-2 days. This will help the plant roots transition, prevent root rot and will ensure that the roots are ready to soak up the water when you do water it.

8. Fertilize During the Growing Season

Grow More Cactus Juice plant food provides the nutrients that your succulents and cacti need during the growing season. For optimal growth, it can be used as often as every two weeks.

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