3 images - snake plants in white pots in a navy living room on a white round end table near a gray couch; a frizzle sizzle plant in a clay elephant pot; and a closeup of a purple African violet

The Busy Person’s Guide to Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants

alt="A spider plant in a black and white pot on a wooden table outside"

Life’s busy, we get it—but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on having a beautiful indoor plant collection! There are plenty of low-maintenance plants that are easy to grow, even with a hectic schedule. If you’re a bit intimidated by the idea of sticking to a strict, consistent care routine, it’s all good! These low-maintenance indoor plants aren’t going to kick the bucket if you forget to water them once in a while. 

A Thriving Career And Indoor Plant Collection? It’s True, You Can Have It All!

While you’re busy working, it’s hard enough to remember to drink your 8 glasses of water per day, let alone remember to water all your indoor plants! Don’t worry; these 5 low-maintenance plants will forgive you—just don’t flat-out neglect them, and pay attention to any signs of distress

A golden pothos plant on a wood and slate table

Golden Pothos 

Golden hour never ends with this sunny, warm-toned beauty. The leaves are streaked with wisps of gold, bringing a subtle glow that illuminates your home space. Its long vines look gorgeous trailing down from a shelf or creeping up and around a window frame. It grows fast too, so there’s quite a reasonable payoff in exchange for such minimal maintenance. If it gets too big, you can always clip off some of the vines, put the cutting in water until roots sprout, and then plant them in new pots of soil

A closeup of sansevieria in a long, rectangular pot

Snake Plant

This is pretty much the most low-maintenance indoor plant in existence. Well, except for maybe a fake one. The snake plant, or Sansevieria, has tall, flat, ribbon-like leaves that grow vertically, often with a bit of a ripple. In the summer, you can get away with watering your snake plant twice per week, but you can scale back to every 3–4 weeks in winter. It thrives in low light too, so if your windows are small, your snake plant will still be comfortable!

  A spider plant in a black and white pot on a wooden table outside

Spider Plant

While you’re juggling a hundred responsibilities, the spider plant can at least help you with one: keeping your home clean! This powerful indoor plant is amazing at purifying airborne toxins and churning out fresh oxygen. Some have solid green leaves, and others have cute stripes down the length of their skinny, stringy leaves. When its roots start to fill the container, stems will sprout that have mini spider plants on the end, which you can remove and replant. 

Closeup of a purple African violet plant against a bright teal background

African Violet 

You work hard, so you deserve a little luxury! The African violet is one of the fanciest flowering indoor houseplants ever. Have you seen those leaves? They look just like little velvet cushions! The lovely jewel-toned blooms are spectacular too, in an endless assortment of pink, purple, blue, and white shades. Avoid getting any moisture on the leaves and water directly into the soil instead. Water can get trapped in those fuzzy leaves, and may begin to mold. Other than that, African violet care is easy peasy!

2 frizzle sizzle plants in animal terracotta pots - one an elephant and the other a ground hog against a dark navy background

Frizzle Sizzle Plant 

Want something quirky and fun to perk up the scenery in your office? This little oddball is too adorable to pass up, and it’s nice and low-maintenance! The frizzle sizzle doesn’t need as much water as your typical indoor plant and it thrives in partial, indirect sunlight. If you keep your frizzle sizzle happy, it may thank you with a burst of deliciously scented flowers. Seriously, they smell like buttery vanilla sugar cookies!

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