Watering Guides & Recommendations

Like you, we understand that water is a precious resource and we're committed to helping our customers reduce water waste. To help, we've got watering recommendations and guides on a variety of topics. Click the topics below to discover how much water your plants need to establish strong root systems and sustain themselves throughout the seasons.

Learn how to water your new plants so they establish strong root systems, thus requiring less water as they continue to mature!

This guide will help you determine how much water your garden landscape and lawn needs.

Learn how much water your trees need throughout the seasons!

Learn how to best water your container plants!

Using mulch helps plants retain moisture and so much more! Learn about the many benefits of mulching...

An overview of ways to sensibly water your landscape with links to additional resources.

Learn how to best care for your summer lawn, including watering recommendations.

Learn how to grow and care for your winter lawn, including watering recommendations.

Learn how you can use a variety of watering aides to help you water your plants while you're away!