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Soil preparation

Prepare Your Soil for Fall Planting in 3 Easy Steps

Perhaps one of the biggest gardeners have is preparing the soil correctly before planting. A successful garden always begins with healthy vibrant soil that is packed full of nutrients. Just like people, plants also require a balanced diet of nutrients that are provided by the soil. By taking [...]

Level Up Your Houseplant Game With Indoor Trees and Oversized Plants

Having a lush, green indoor tree or oversized houseplant is a pretty major statement piece. They invigorate your space with vibrant color and keep the air fresh, but you need to make sure conditions are just right so that your plant will be comfortable. If you’ve nailed the basics of [...]

3 Summer Recipes With Fresh Herbs From the Garden

So many incredible summer herbs are ready to be harvested now, so we put together a few simple recipes bursting with garden-fresh flavor. For dinners with family or entertaining on the patio, these delicious summer recipes are sure to go over well. It’s amazing what fresh herbs can do [...]

3 images: a variety of mosses; a closeup of a plant growing on a moss pole; a monstera growing with a moss pole next to a fan and other decor on a table

Moss Poles: Should You DIY or Buy One For Sale?

Moss poles are quickly becoming a popular plant accessory, not just for aesthetic reasons, but because plants love them! Climbing plants and tropical vines can be trained to grow up these poles, providing structure and support so they can get bigger and stronger.

Shade trees

Made in the Shade: How to Get More Shade in Your Landscape!

It’s already heating up in Arizona, and it’s time to form your survival plan for the summer! The presence of shade in your landscape is crucial if you hope to continue spending time outdoors, whether it’s to work in your [...]