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bright pink plumeria and light pink and yellow plumeria plant

How to Grow & Care for Plumeria

Looking for a new, beautiful plant to grow in your garden? Try the delightfully fragrant plumeria—also known as frangipani. Learn how to care for them, and how to grow them—particularly in containers.

Adeniums - a collage of 4 different adeniums; deep pink, white, bright pink and white, and light pink and white

Adeniums - The Desert Rose

Looking for a unique plant with an unusal trunk and stunning flowers? Also known as a desert rose, adeniums are spectacular succulent plants that make a great addition to your home and garden.

Sun-Loving Summer Container Plants - 3 different pots containing a wide variety of plants and flowers

New Summer Container Plant Recipes

Looking for some beautiful, full-sun container plants? We've got three great plant recipes to choose from that all do well in the sun!

A javelina near a cactus, a pink manzanita, javelina near a house, and pink vinca.

How To Effectively Deter Javelina

Javelina may be cute, but their impacts on your landscape sure aren't! As an Arizona resident, you have likely already experienced issues with javelinas tearing up your yard or garden at least once or twice. This blog covers the best practices for keeping these hog-like critters at bay!

Pink Bougainvillea, a storm in the desert, a Texas Mountain Laurel, and a plant being pruned.

Gardening Tips for Monsoon Season

Who Says Plants Can't Thrive During an Arizona Summer? Monsoon Season Monsoon season in Arizona begins June 15 and ends September 30. Learn how you can help protect your plants and even plant new ones!