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Repotting houseplants

Best Tips to Houseplant Repotting & Fertilizing

Moving can be stressful — you have to make sure you find the right space, bring along everything you need, and let go of the things that no longer serve you. The same goes for houseplants that need a new home! To make sure you and your plant have

3 images: vertical outdoor walls - 1 made from metal and the other from wood with vertical containers filled with a wide variety of plants; a wood wall with envelope style metal mailboxes hanging on it and featuring a variety of plants; a wall of vertical plant pockets with a variety of herbs planted throughout

5 Tips for Urban Container Gardening

Short on space but still want to grow plants or a garden? Here are 5 tips to help you grow your very own Urban Container Gardens!

Earphones on a gift box, and a variety of holiday plants!

The Holiday Playlist Your Houseplants Will Love

Some say that the music you play can affect the health of your houseplants. Whether it actually helps the plants or not, music can certainly influence your mood. To get into the holiday spirit, we put together a playlist you and your plants will enjoy!

Roses with Powdery Mildew, Plant with Aphids, Plant with Fungus.

Winter Pests and Diseases and How to Treat Them

Winter gardening is incredibly rewarding. Unfortunately, there are a lot of pests that also think your garden is the best spot to hang out. Here are the most common pests and diseases in Arizona winter gardens and how to treat them so that you can have a relaxing and enjoyable growing season.

A snake plant by a window and a bed, 2 students studying near a plant, and a desk with a zz plant, computer, coffee etc.

Add Beautiful and Beneficial Houseplants to Your Dorm Room

Stuffy, cramped quarters and uninspiring decor doesn't make the college grind easy. However, that can all change by adding indoor plants to your room. You'd be amazed how much lush, live greenery can transform your tiny living space, and even help improve the air quality of your dorm room!