3 pictures of different varieties of Sansevieria (snake plants) houseplants

Sansevieria: Popular Houseplants & Almost Impossible To Kill

Originally from South Africa, sansevieria are popular houseplants for those who might not be as attentive as other houseplants would hope. In fact, sansevieria, also known as a Snake plant or Mother In Law’s Tongue, thrives on being neglected. If you’re someone who loves to be surrounded by green and lush, but finds their houseplants are often lean towards brown and shriveled, sansevieria are the plant for you.

Sansevieria Love Light

These popular houseplants will thrive with six to eight hours of sunlight outdoors, and bright, indirect light indoors. It will need protection from the hottest afternoon sun, so consider leaving it in a pot that can be moved around the yard, or providing some kind of shade for part of the day. With outdoor sun, the plant’s colors become more intense and blooms more profusely.


Sansevieria Barely Need Water

Because these popular houseplants grow naturally in dry soil, they don’t need a lot of water. Water only when their soil has dried out completely, and then soak thoroughly until water runs out the bottom. If your plant is sitting in a dish, make sure that you empty any standing water immediately. Your plant may need watering weekly during the hottest parts of the year, but significantly less during the winter, and make sure to pour water directly onto the soil surrounding the base of the plant – not into the center and onto the leaves themselves.

Common Problems With Sansevieria

Fortunately most bugs, fungus and bacteria steer clear of these popular houseplants. A problem you’ll be much more likely to encounter is overwatering, which can cause root rot. Telltale signs of root rot include wilted and discolored leaves.

If your plant is outdoors and you suspect root rot, considering whether it lives next to other plants that are watered more frequently and whether it might benefit from being moved to a dryer part of the yard. Indoor, cut back on watering and check the pot’s drainage holes to make sure they’re not blocked, or repot the plant with a fast-draining soil.

Our Favorite Sansevieria Varieties

Just like any popular houseplant, there are a million varieties that all fall under the same name. Here are our favorite ones that we love to carry:


  • Bantels Sensation
  • Black Coral
  • Black Gold
  • Boncel
  • Cylindrica
  • Fernwood
  • Hahnii Black Star
  • Hahnii Blue Star
  • Hahnii Jade
  • Hahnii Yellow Stripe
  • Laurentii
  • Moonshine
  • Parva
  • Robusta
  • Starpower
  • Suffruitcosa
  • Superba
  • Zeylanica

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