August Gardening Calendar

Wondering What You Should Be Doing In Your Garden?

Below is a calendar of key things you can be doing in your garden during the month of August.

August Gardening Calendar - snapshot of printable list, watermellon, plants and a citrus treeAugust Gardening Calendar

Approximate Dates & Gardening Activities:

  • August 1 - Want a summer lawn? It's your last chance to plant Bermuda grass by seed!
  • August 3 - Start seeds indoors for fall vegetables! We've got the tools you need to successfully grow from seed.
  • August 5 - Amend your soil to help get your garden ready for fall veggies and herbs.
  • August 7 - Talk with one of our Trusted Garden Advisors to learn about natural and organic fertilizers for your Tasty Garden and desert landscape.
  • August 10  - It's time to plant melons.
  • August 12 - Now's the time to plant iris starts.
  • August 14 - New citrus trees are arriving now!
  • August 17 - It's time to plant early tomato starts.
  • August 19 - Add iron and nitrogen to soil to stave off the yellowing of plants.
  • August 21 - Fertilize your grass for a superior lawn.
  • August 24 - Fertilize your citrus for the tastiest and healthiest fruits!
  • August 28 - It's time to fertilize your trees and shrubs.
  • August 31 - It's petunia time! Check your local SummerWinds for availability!

A bunch of watermelons, with 1/2 of a melon on top; 3 tomato plant starts; and a green oranges ripening on a treeWant More?  Register for one of our FREE Learn ‘n Grow classes online!

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