Soil Amendments

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Soil Amendments

Nutrient-rich soil is key to your plants' succuess! Knowing what type of soil your plants need, what type of soil you have, how to amend and fertilize your soil, and what options you have for organic pest and weed control will ensure that your plants thrive!

The experts at SummerWinds Nursery can help you navigate all of these choices and select the best high-quality, nutrient-rich soil amendments.

2 cu ft. bag of summerwinds nursery planting mix sitting on the sidewalk in front of green shrub SummerWinds Organic Planting Mix (developed with E.B. Stone Organics) – This all-purpose Organic transplanting mix is ideal for all types of flowers, vegetables and ornamentals, including annuals, perennials, ground covers, shrubs, fruit and shade trees. Now registered cdfa! For Best results, pair with E.B. Stone Organics Sure Start fertilizer.

A bag of Wakefield Biochar Soil Conditioner.Biochar Soil Conditioner (by Wakefield) – The perfect choice for enriching the soil of your indoor and outdoor plants, gardens, and lawns. It’s all about making your soil better so your plants can thrive with less effort on your part. Biochar does wonders for any soil, setting you up for a garden that’s both beautiful and generous. Offers a multitude of benefits for both indoor and outdoor plants, including raised garden beds, trees, shrubs, and lawns:

  • It enhances soil health by increasing microbial activity and ensuring an optimal balance of water and nutrients to the roots, which allows for reduced water usage and improved efficiency in water delivery to plant roots.
  • Minimizes nutrient and fertilizer loss by preventing washout or evaporation, making it a cost-effective addition to your gardening routine.
  • Certified by OMRI and made in the USA from virgin wood scraps from FSC-Certified forests, this product supports a sustainable and traceable supply chain.
  • It not only enhances the effectiveness of fertilizers and other soil amendments by reducing their washaway but also offers significant environmental benefits.
  • Biochar reduces greenhouse gas emissions by preventing carbon dioxide and methane from entering the atmosphere—every pound of biochar used eliminates two pounds of carbon dioxide.
  • Enriches the soil for future generations, prevents toxins from contaminating gardens, and is produced through a carbon-negative process.
  • This plant-based, vegan, and odorless soil enhancer is a powerful tool for improving garden health and sustainability.

A bag of Wakefield Compost Biochar with Mycorrhizal Fungi.Compost + Biochar with Mycorrhizal Fungi (by Wakefield) –Offers an organic soil enhancer perfect for both indoor and outdoor plants, including gardens and lawns. This pre-mixed, nutrient-rich blend is designed to simplify your gardening by improving the soil's health with minimal effort. Whether you're looking to enrich your existing soil or seeking an alternative to traditional soil or potting mix, this blend has you covered. Just plant directly into it and watch your garden thrive.

  • It's ready to use right out of the bag!
  • This soil amendment is designed to significantly enhance soil health, ideal for any plant type, whether indoors, outdoors, in raised garden beds, or lawns.
  • Comprising 80% OMRI-listed compost and 20% FSC-certified and OMRI-listed biochar made from virgin wood scraps in the USA, it boosts microbial activity, water retention, and nutrient delivery, reducing the need for frequent watering and enhancing drought resistance.
  • Seamlessly integrates into your existing gardening routine, offering a rich mix that complements other additives without adverse effects.
  • Environmentally beneficial, it not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions, with every pound of biochar eliminating two pounds of carbon dioxide but also contributes to soil quality for future generations, prevents toxin leachation, and supports a carbon-negative manufacturing process.
  • Is plant-based, vegan, and promotes sustainable gardening practices.

Bio-Flora® Compost Exclusive Composted Nutrients – Designed to meet the highest standards for compost amending soil.

Chicken manure Chicken Manure (by E.B. Stone Organics) – is both a fertilizer and a soil amendment. It contains the highest levels of plant nutrients of any of E.B. Stone's soil amendments. An ideal soil conditioner for use when starting a new garden or lawn, or when upgrading an existing one. Ingredients: Composted Chicken Manure

Citrus Palm Potting soilCitrus & Palm Potting or Planting Mix (by E.B. Stone Organics) – Can be used as both a soil amendment or as a ready-to-use potting soil. The perfect mix for all citrus, palms and other tropical plants. Blended to provide excellent aeration and water retention so that your plants thrive. Ingredients: Aged Fir Bark, Lava Rock, Sand, Volcanic Pumice, Aged Redwood, and Peat Moss. Registered cdfa.

 A bag of Happy Frog Soil Conditioner.Happy Frog® Soil Conditioner (by FoxFarm) – This hand blended soil conditioner helps to reduce the acidity in soil, loosen clay soil and aids in healthy root development.

HuMic Granular Humic Acid (by Fertilome) – A highly concentrated soil conditioner that makes a great soil amendment for use in vegetable gardens, flower beds, indoor plants and compost bins. Derived from the remains of decomposed organic plant materials, humic acids enhance nutrient uptake, stimulate soil microbial life and encourage root development.

E.B. stone organics organic compostOrganic Compost (by E.B. Stone Organics) – Ideal soil amendment for vegetable gardens, flower beds, shrubs, and trees. Can be added to the soil at the time of planting or used as a surface mulch later on. Also makes a good seed cover for lawns. Helps loosen soil, adds organic matter and encourages strong root growth. Ingredients: Compost. Registered cdfa.

1.5 cuft bag of e.b. stone raised bed and potting mix or soilRaised Bed Potting or Planting (by E.B. Stone Organics) – Designed for all raised bed and container gardens. Can be used alone or mixed with garden soil. Designed with carefully selected, premium ingredients.  Rich compost holds nutrients, Coconut fiber helps the root zone hold moisture, naturally-aged forest fiber feeds soil microbes and provides organic matter, volcanic pumice helps drain away excess water, beneficial microbes enhance plant's root zone. Ingredients: Regionally Sourced Bark, Coir, Compost, Pumice, Earthworm Castings, Aged Chicken Manure and Mycorrhizae. Registered cdfa.

Bag of E.B. Stone Organics Rose and Flower Potting or Planting Soil 1.5 cu. ft. Rose & Flower Potting or Planting (by E.B. Stone Organics) – The perfect planting mix for both beautiful flowers and rose gardens. Can be used as either a soil amendment or a potting soil. This slightly acidic soil contains: Aged Fir Bark, Aged Redwood, Composted Chicken Manure, Pumice, Earthworm Castings, Peat Moss, Alfalfa Meal, Dolomite Lime (pH Adjuster) Oyster Shell Lime (pH Adjuster), Bat Guano, and Kelp Meal. Registered cdfa.

1.5 cuft bag of eb stone organics soil booster soil conditionerSoil Booster (by E.B. Stone Organics) – This soil conditioner is a unique blend of 100% natural and organic ingredients designed to create the ideal soil conditions for your herbs, vegetables and flowers to reach their full potential. Can be used to break up hard clay soil, and to add organic material to help sandy soils hold onto water and retain nutrients. Ingredients: Aged Forest Products, Aged Fir Bark, Chicken Manure, Earthworm Castings, Pumice, Feather Meal, Bat Guano, Alfalfa Meal, Kelp Meal. Registered cdfa.

A yellow bag of SummerWinds' Soil Conditioner & Seed CoverSoil Conditioner & Seed Cover (by SummerWinds) – This 100% Organic composted mulch will help turn hard packed clay soil into a richer more productive soil in which flowers and vegetables will thrive. When used in sandy soil, it aids in the retention of moisture, which reduces the frequency of watering and feeding of plants. An excellent cover for newly seeded lawns. Helps seeds germinate by retaining moisture.

1 cuft bag of eb stone organics top soil plus sand loam Top Soil Plus - Sandy Loam (by E.B. Stone Naturals) – A unique blend of sandy loam, redwood compost and mushroom compost. This general purpose soil mixture was developed for virtually any outdoor use—as a fill material in a garden area that needs rebuilding or as a soil conditioner in the garden. For best results, use one part Top Soil to one part native soil in any gardening application. Because it doesn’t contain any nutrient value, we recommend using it in conjunction with an E. B. Stone fertilizer (such as their All Purpose Plant Food) to organically fertilize your entire garden. Ingredients: Sandy loam, redwood compost and mushroom compost.

 Prococo - Compressed Cocochip Block Premium Coconut Husk from Tank's Green Stuff.Prococo Cocochip Block – Prococo Compressed Cocochip Block, derived from coconut husks, offers a versatile, chunky medium that significantly enhances soil structure by improving drainage and aeration, while also maintaining moisture retention for extended periods. This sustainable alternative to traditional peat moss, capable of holding 10 to 20 times its dry weight in water, reduces the need for frequent irrigation and is particularly effective as a mulch cover for fruit trees and vegetable plants. Not only does it last up to 4 or 5 years, making it a durable choice, but it's also OMRI listed, making it suitable for a wide range of applications including hydroponics, organic soil mixes, landscaping, and container planting. Additionally, Coco Chip supports the growth of beneficial soil microbes, further promoting a healthy garden ecosystem.

 A block of Grow it Coco Coir Mix.Grow It Coco Coir Mix – Retains up to 8 times as much water as regular soil and improves aeration. Use indoors or out as a water-smart alternative to traditional potting mixes. Ideal for houseplants, tropicals, flower beds and hydroponics.

Gypsum – Gypsum is particularly good for tomatoes due to its calcium content. At SummerWinds Nursery, we offer three types of Gypsum:

  • Arizona’s Best Gypsum – Helps neutralize soil, loosen compact soils and promotes strong root growth. Gypsum has a natural slow release component and thus can be used as an amendment before planting or to amend soil any time of year.
  • Arizona’s Best Lawn & Garden Gypsum – Works well to loosen compact soil and clay and improves drainage and moisture retention.

  • A bag of E.B. Stone Naturals Granular Gypsum Minerals.E.B. Stone Naturals Granular Gypsum Minerals – Supplies calcium and sulfur to the soil. Used to help overcome alkali soils and to loosen clay or adobe soils. Granulated for easy handling. Essential for tomatoes and other plants. Derived from: Mined Gypsum. Contains sulfate dyhydrate, calcium and sulfur.

Lava SandsLava Sand – We offer two brands of Lava Sand:

  • The Organic Garden Guy’s Lava Sand Extreme Soil Builder – This all natural, lava sand soil builder is earth-friendly. This product absorbs nutrients and water and then slowly releases them back into the soil without affecting the pH value of the soil. Encourages root growth and excellent drainage. Available while supplies last.
  • Nature’s Way Lava Sand – Helps to retain moisture and nutrients for all types of plants. Can be used once a year as a mineral supplement or as a top dressing for fresh sod.

8 quart bag of e.b. stone organics peat moss admixPeat Moss – We offer two brands of Peat Moss:

  • E.B. Stone Organics Peat Moss Admix – An Organic soil additive that improves moisture retention for any type of soil. Great for plants that require acidic soil. Holds water in potting mixes. Perfect for use with new, tender roots. Registered cdfa.
  • Sunshine Peat Moss – A natural way to condition and aerate your soil.

8 quart bag of eb stone organics perlite mix Perlite – We offer two types of Perlite:

  • E.B. Stone Organics Perlite Mix – A lightweight soil additive that's excellent for loosening up all types of potting mixes. Improves aeration and drainage for potted plants. Helps promote root growth and prevents soil from becoming compacted indoors or out. Pair with E.B. Stone Organics Seed Starter Mix . Registered cdfa.
  • ready to use premium uni-gro perliteUni-Gro® Perlite – Ready to use perlite will work with all plants as well as seed starting. Can be blended with soil to increase aeration.

GardenTime Play Sand Play Sand – GardenTime Play Sand is great for kid’s sandboxes and also as a mortar or base material for bricks and pavers. This is a super fine-grained sand comparable to what you see on the beach.

3 jars of soil moist granules Soil Moist Granules – These eco-safe, water-storing granules absorb and release water in the soil as needed. Designed to reduce plant waterings by 50% and last several seasons. Reduces transplant shock. Great for use with both indoor and outdoor container plants.

Soil Sulfur – We offer three types of Soil Sulfur:

  • A bag of E.B. Stone Naturals Soil Sulfur Minerals.E.B. Stone Naturals Soil Sulfur Minerals– Designed to adjust the pH level of soil; helps lower the pH in alkaline soils. Also helps to maintain green color leaves and aids in the use of nitrogen fertilizer by the plant. Note: amount of Soil Sulfur required may vary considerably by soil type, climate conditions, and the general composition of the soil. Derived from: Elemental Sulfur.
  • A bag of Arizona's Best Soil Sulfur.Arizona’s Best Soil Sulfur – Acts as a soil conditioner by helping to lower the pH in excessively alkaline soils, helping to maintain green color in plants. Because of its natural slow-release characteristics, Soil Sulfur can be used any time of the year either as a pre-plant soil conditioner or after planting. Avoid application during periods of extreme heat in the summer months.
  • `A bag of Hi-Yield Soil Sulfur.Hi-Yield Soil Sulfur – Increases acid in soil and is ideal for vegetables, lawns and any plant that thrives in acidic conditions.

8 quart bag of e.b. stone organics pumicePumice – We offer two types of pumice:

  • E.B. Stone Organics Pumice – Designed for use in soils and potting mixes to improve soil aeration, water retention, and drainage. A perfect admix for succulents.
  • Tank's Green Stuff - Horticultural Pumice.Tank's Green Stuff Horticultural Pumice– Pumice plays a crucial role in enhancing soil quality by significantly improving drainage and aeration, thanks to its unique porous composition. This natural rock boasts exceptional water and nutrient retention capabilities, absorbing moisture and releasing it as the soil demands. Its porous structure also captures nutrients within its crevices, which are then available to the beneficial microorganisms in the soil, contributing to its overall health and longevity. By incorporating pumice into your potted plants, you not only ensure better soil structure but also facilitate greater air penetration to the root zone, fostering a more vibrant and healthy plant growth environment.

  • Steer Manure – Gro-Well El Toro Steer Manure Compost is a great way to amend soil in the spring and fall. Best for gardens and seed covers.
  • Vermiculite – Uni-Gro® Vermiculite is an organic soil additive that increases water retention, aeration and slowing nutrient release. Excellent for use in containers.

Bag of E.B. Stone Organics Earthworm CastingsWorm Castings – We offer two types of Worm Castings:

  • E.B. Stone Organics Earthworm Castings – Pure earthworm castings improve your soil and provide an excellent source of organic matter. This natural soil conditioner helps loosen hard soils, improves aeration and conserves water. An excellent addition to native soils. Registered cdfa.

A bag of Worm Gold Plus Pure Worm Castings.

  • WormGold® Plus Pure Worm Castings – Great organic addition to potting soil mixes. In addition to being used as a soil amendment, can also be used for making compost tea.

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The quality of your soil is essential to a successful garden. Watch our How to Prep Your Soil video to learn how to prepare your soil for planting vegetables or flower beds.

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