July Gardening Calendar

July Gardening Calendar - with snapshot of printable gardening calendarWondering What You Should Be Doing In Your Garden?

Below is a calendar of key things you can be doing in your garden during the month of July.

July Gardening Calendar

Approximate Dates & Gardening Activities:

  • July 1 - It's Monsoon season in the Valley of the Sun and we've got some tips to help protect your plants, as well as ways you can take advantage of Monsoon season!
  • July 4 - Enjoy garden-fresh fruits, veggies and herbs on Independence Day!
  • July 10 - Desert Blooms? Now is the time to purchase beautiful adeniums, and fragrant plumeria plants.
  • July 13 - Any pests hanging around? We've got solutions for ants, beetles and more!
  • July 17 - Plants turning yellow? Try our great summer-safe fertilizers and plant food from E.B. Stone Organics!
  • July 20 - Apply iron to help green up plants! Did you know? Iron is best applied during our warm season.
  • July 24 - The most effective time to feed palms is now! Try E.B. Stone Organics Hibiscus & Palm Food.
  • July 27 - Amend your soil - it's a great time to allow compost and maure to bake into your soil in preparation for fall planting!
  • July 31 - Fall tomatoes arriving soon! Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates on new arrivals and more!

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