Arizona Planting Guide: Vegetables and Seeds to Plant in March

As we transition into spring in Arizona, there are all sorts of vegetables and herbs that are now ready to be planted. But not all veggie plants are cut out for our blazing hot summer temperatures, so you have to be certain you’re planting vegetables that will thrive in the heat. Cool-season veggies are out, and warm-season veggies are in!

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If you’re unsure of which plants fall into the category of “warm-season veggies,” take a look at this simple Arizona planting guide. There are a select few cool-season veggies like radishes included on the list, but this is because they mature so quickly, you can harvest them before summer. For an incredible vegetable harvest that’s ready to be served at all your backyard summer barbecues and get-togethers, plant the veggies and herbs listed in the guide below!

What Vegetables Can I Plant Now in Arizona?

There’s a pretty long list of vegetables and herbs you can plant in March in Arizona. However, there’s one important distinction to note: some plants need to be direct-seeded, while others need to be transplanted as starter plants. We’ve organized an Arizona vegetable planting guide for both seeds and starter plants so that you can enjoy a successful summer garden.

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Vegetable Seed Guide: What to Plant from Seed in March

Planting vegetables and herbs from seeds is a fantastic way to save money on your grocery bill. Plus, it’s just so satisfying watching a tiny seed turn into a massive, food-producing plant in just a matter of weeks. Follow the guide below for vegetable and herbs seeds to plant in March, as well as the estimated time until they’ll be ready for harvest.

  • Basil (60–75 days)
  • Beans (Lima, Snap, Yardlong) (60–90 days)
  • Cantaloupe (80–120 days)
  • Carrots (60–100 days)
  • Chives (80–90 days)
  • Collard Greens (80 days)
  • Corn (70–90 days)
  • Cucumbers (60–90 days)
  • Green Onions (90–100 days)
  • Mint (80–90 days)
  • Oregano (45 days)
  • Pumpkins (90–120 days)
  • Radishes (35–60 days)
  • Rosemary (70–90 days)
  • Sage (75 days)
  • Summer Squash (60–90 days)
  • Thyme (70–80 days)
  • Watermelon (90–120 days)
  • Winter Squash (90–120 days)

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Vegetable Starter Guide: What to Transplant in March

Some vegetables do better as starter plants in the garden instead of seeds. Others may end up saving you a lot of waiting around for them to mature, so it’s less maintenance over the long term. Reference the guide below for the best veggie starter plants that are ready to go in March and how long you’ll have to wait to begin harvesting.

  • Artichoke (4–8 months)
  • Eggplant (70–120 days)
  • Peppers (90–120 days)
  • Sweet Potatoes (120–160 days)
  • Tomatoes (50–120 days)

Visit us soon to see all the starter plants and vegetable seeds in our garden center, ready to be brought home for early spring planting! If you haven’t started preparing the soil in your garden for planting yet, don’t forget to conduct a soil test to identify any potential nutrient deficiencies. If you’ve never tested your soil before, one of our experts will be happy to guide you through the process!

While you’re here, be sure to pick up plenty of fresh compost if you don’t have your own bin at home, and grab some organic fertilizer to feed those veggies! Vegetable plants are heavy feeders, and you’ll want to be sure your soil contains everything your plants need to grow their biggest and brightest.

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