3 images: glass jars filled with water and fresh fruits and herbs; 3 glass mason jars filled with water and fresh fruits and herbs and coloful striped straws; and a closeup of a glass pitcher with water and blueberreis and strawberries, with lemons and limes in the background

Beat The Heat With These 6 Water Infusions!

You won’t have any trouble getting your 8 glasses a day with these low-cal, thirst-quenching, fruit infused water recipes! They’re so easy to make, and they’re a great way to make use of all the incredible summer fruits and herbs from our gardens. They’re especially nice for outdoor entertaining when you feel like treating your guests to something fancy, but without actually having to put in much effort!

Fruit-infused water benefits your health in so many ways because it’s loaded with tons of extra vitamins and minerals from all of those fresh garden ingredients, helping to aid digestion, clear your skin, and improve circulation. Plus, it sure tastes better than a chalky multivitamin!

It’s best if you give your water infusion at least four hours to steep before serving; however, you can also let it sit in the fridge overnight. Just rinse your ingredients, pop them in the jug, place it in the refrigerator, and wait! It couldn’t be any easier. You don’t even have to strain out the fruit—it’s prettier when you serve it up with a few fruit slices in the glass. Here are 6 fruit-flavored water recipes that you absolutely need to try this summer.

strawberry basil infusion summerwinds arizona

Berry & Basil

We’re used to enjoying basil as a savory herb in dishes like pasta, stir fry, or Caprese salads, but this versatile herb is really great in sweet, fruity concoctions as well! Toss a bunch of basil in with some sliced strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, or a mix of all three, for a tangy, fragrant drink that goes down real smooth.

pineapple mint infusion summerwinds arizona

Pineapple & Mint

Pineapple mojitos are all the rage right now, but if you want to get your fix of this delicious drink without all the extra calories, you can just make this fruit infused water instead! Chop up some pineapple chunks, and throw it in the pitcher with a bunch of fresh mint leaves. White rum optional!

cucumber lime infusion summerwinds arizona

Cucumber & Lime

There’s something about cucumber water that is so unbelievably crisp and refreshing, and the extra zing from the lime really tops it off perfectly. On a hot day, this drink will cool you down from the inside out. The best part: cucumbers are jam-packed with loads of vitamins, so this is more than just a tasty drink—it’s a powerful health supplement.

blackberry ginger orange infusion summerwinds arizona

Blackberry, Ginger & Orange

Blackberries and oranges have tons of antioxidants that help fight free radicals and toxins that cause premature aging. Now that’s a beauty treatment we can get behind! Plus, the flavorful ginger is a fabulous remedy for upset stomachs, so if you’re having a bit of tummy trouble, this delicious drink should do the trick.

apricot raspberry infusion summerwinds arizona

Apricot & Raspberry

These two tasty summer fruits are a match made in heaven. Slice up that apricot, toss in those raspberries, and you’re good to go. You might want to strain this one before serving because the raspberries might get a little mushy and break apart after a few hours, but if you don’t mind the texture, then you can serve it as is!

lemon rosemary infusion summerwinds arizona

Lemon & Rosemary

This fruit infused water smells just as incredible as it tastes! Rosemary has that fabulous, nostalgic aroma that always conjures up memories of home-cooked meals with family, and it pairs so perfectly with zesty citrus flavors—lemon in particular. Garnish each glass with a single sprig, for a little extra something!

Here’s to a summer full of blissful afternoons spent sipping delicious drink infusions on the patio! Bottoms up!