Tools to Grow Delicious Deciduous Fruit Trees

5 images of fruits growing on trees: peaches, green apples, figs, apricots, and plums

Deciduous Fruit Trees for Your Home Orchard

Why stop at vegetables and herbs for your Tasty Garden?

At SummerWinds Nursery, we have a variety of fruit trees, perfect for planting in your mini home orchard—plus the tools you need to care for them...


Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

  • Deciduous Fruit Trees - Including varieties of apples, apricots, figs, peaches, plums, grapes and more (available seasonally while supplies last)....
  • Sprayers - We have a couple different sprayers available for use with dormant spray concentrates.

Pruners & Pruning Sealers
  • Pruners - It's a good time to prune your fruit trees!
  • Pruning Sealer - Available in either a brush or spray applicator, this breathable wound dressing was designed for pruned, grafted or damaged plants. Protects from insects, disease and infections. Spray can also be used to waterproof planting pots.

Horticultural Oil
  • Monterey Horticultural Oil - This fungicide, insecticide and miticide was devloped for year-round use and OMRI listed for Organic Gardening. Controls aphids, mites, scales, whiteflies and other soft-bodied insects.

Copper Fungicides
  • Bonide Copper Fungicide - This liquid copper fungicide concentrate controls Powdery Mildew, Downy Mildew, Black Spot, Early Blight and Rust! Designed for Organic Gardening and use on roses, fruits, vegetables, ornamentals and turf.
  • Bonide Liqui-Cop - This copper fungicidal garden spray concentrate controls many diseases attacking citrus, fruits, nuts, vegetables and ornamentals.

Planting a Tree

Ready to Plant Your Fruit Tree?

At SummerWinds Nursery, we have just the right soils and fertilizers to ensure the successful planting and growth of your fruit tree, including:

Want to learn more? Click the link below to watch our "How to Plant Trees & Shrubs" video.

How To Plant Trees and Shrubs

This video will show you the basics to planting trees, shrubs and more. We will focus on trees but the same can apply to shrubs, perennials and more. With these simple steps, you can successfully plant your next garden.

At SummerWinds Nursery, We Guarantee Success!