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A collage of SummerWinds Organic Potting Soil, and Planting mix bags with a pile of soil and small plant in front of them, a lady bug, Weed Prevention Plus, EB Stone Oranics Natures' Green Lawn Food bag and their Hibiscus & Palm Food box, The Organic Garden Guy's 10% Vinegar Soil Conditioner, and Bonide's Weed Beater. In the center of the collage is a white circle and the text: Organic Gardening and Natural Controls

SummerWinds Soils

2 bags of soils - SummerWinds Nursery's Organic Planting Mix and Potting Soil with blurred plants in the foreground and a small pile of soil in front of the bags with a small plant in it

Now CDFA Approved!

Our SummerWinds Planting Mix and SummerWinds Potting Soil have received the CDFA (California Department of Agriculture) seal of approval. Comprised of the very best Organic and Natural ingredients to give your trees, shrubs, perennials, edibles and more the nutrients they need in your garden landscape and containers.

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For best results, pair with E.B. Stone Organics, Sure Start Fertilizer.

Dave Owens - The Organic Garden Guy

Garden Guy Products

10% Vinegar

Kill weeds naturally, without any chemicals, with natural 10% Vinegar. Available in 1 gallon container.

For Dave Owens Homemade Weed Control Recipe, click here.

Extreme Weed Preventer

Prevents crabgrass, dandelions, and other common weeds by inhibiting the root development in seedlings. Although it will not kill existing weeds, it will prevent new weeds from growing. Safe, natural and so effective it's been awarded two patents. Great for use in gravel areas, planting beds, flower beds and vegetable gardens. When used as directed, will not harm beneficial insects, soil organisms or wildlife. Safe for children and pets immediately after application. Available in 4.75 lb. bag.

E.B. Stone Organics

Known for their high-quality, organic ingredients, E.B. Stone Organics makes a variety of products developed so that your garden will thrive, including:

EB Stone Organics Fertilizers

Nature's Green Lawn Food

You can have a thick green lawn the natural way with this lawn food from E.B. Stone Organics. This blend of organic ingredients is formulated for use on all types of green lawns. Contains 10% Nitrogen, 1% available Phosphate and 4% Soluable Potash all derived from Feather Meal, Blood Meal, Bone Meal and Sulfate of Potash. Also contains 1.3% Humic Acids derived from Leonardite. CDFA certified. Available in 10 lb., 20 lb., and 40 lb. bags.

Hibiscus & Palm Food

This 6-5-3 plant food from E.B. Stone Organics is a blend of select organic ingredients formulated to promote the rich soil conditions required by palms, hibiscus and other tropical plants. Idea for use to support vigorous growth and flower production. Suitable for use on a wide variety of tropical plants. Contains Blood Meal, Feather Meal, Bone Meal, Dried Chicken manure, Bat Guano, Alfalfa Meal, Kelp Meal, Potassium Sulfate, Humic Acids and soil microbes, including mycorrhizal fungi. CDFA certified. Available in 4 lb. box.

Tomato & Vegetable Food

This 4-5-3 fertilizer from E.B. Stone Organics is formulated from quality natural organic ingredients for use throughout the vegetable garden, as well as with soft fruits like strawberries. Contributes to even plant growth without producing excessive foliage at the expense of fruit. The additional phosphorous helps to ensure the production of high-quality fruits and vegetables. Calcium aids in preventing disorders and helps to correct acidic soil conditions. CDFA certified.  Available in 4 lb. box.

Sure Start

This 4-6-2 fertilizer from E.B. Stone Organics is a blend of natural organic ingredients formulated to help newly transplanted plants develop strong roots and sturdy growth. Rich in natural sources of phosphorus to help plants develop a strong foundation for future growth. Our gentle and non-burning formula is safe to use with even the most tender transplants. Contains: Blood Meal, Feather meal, Bone Meal, Dried Chicken Manure, Bat Guano, Alfalfa Meal, Kelp Meal, Potassium Sulfate, Humic Acids and Soil Microbes, including Mycorrhizal Fungi. CDFA certified. Available in 4 lb. box.

Lady Bugs

Beneficial Insects

Beneficial insects like Lady Bugs, Praying Mantis, Earth Worms and Beneficial Nematodes can be used in your garden to help deter unwanted insects and animals, or to amend your soil.

Natural Bonide Products

Bonide Products


Made with natural ingredients, BurnOut® is safe for use around people and pets when used as directed. BurnOut® kills all types of actively growing weeds and grasses. It is fast-acting, rainproof once dry, and doesn't translocate. Excellent for use near borders, driveways, sidewalks, around the bases or mature trees, buildings, fence lines, and much more. Available in 1 quart Ready-To-Use container or 1 gallon Concentrate container.

Weed Beater® Fe

Contains IRON (FeHEDTA). Made with natural ingredients. People and pet safe when used as directed. This 5 in 1 product kills broadleaf weeds, disease, moss, algae, plus it greens up lawns! Works within hours... Available in 1 quart and 1 gallon Ready-To-Use (RTU) containers.

Concern Weed Prevention Plus

Concern Weed Prevention Plus

This 100% Natural corn gluten pre-emergent herbicide prevents weeds from sprouting and robbing your plants of valuable nutrients. Stops weeds and dendelions before they start.  Up to 90% effective weed control in the first year on dandelions and crabgrass. Homogeneous pellet for uniform nutrient and herbicide distribution. For use in flower gardens, vegetable gardens and in landscaped areas around trees, shrubs and ornamentals. Safe for children and pets when used as directed. Available in a 5 lb. container.

For more ways to care for your garden and landscape naturally and organically, speak with one of our Trusted Garden Advisors.

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