Desert Shade Trees

A mastic tree, a mulga tree and a Chinese Evergreen tree.Shade Trees

Want to add some shade to your desert garden or landscape? Try these varieties! 

Bonita Ash

Bonita Ash

(Fraxinus velutina 'Bonita') - This is a fabulous park-type shade tree and considered the best Ash tree for our area.

  • These woody, male deciduous perennial trees have a fabulous lush, broad canopy and no seed pods.
  • They have a fast growth rate up to 25-30 feet tall and wide.
  • Foliage transforms from grey-green to brilliant golden yellow-orange in the fall.
  • Can withstand high winds and is drought tolerant. Prefers full sun and little to moderate irrigation, once established.
Chinese Elm

Chinese Elm

(Ulmus parvifolia) - Also known as a Lacebark Elm, this is a fantastic canopy tree for maximum shade.

  • This woody semi-evergreen perennial tree is moderate to fast growing to 40-60 feet tall with an equal spread.
  • It blooms greenish yellow flowers late in summer, followed by greenish pink samara (winged achene fruit) in late fall to winter.
  • Its foliage transforms from bright light green in the spring to the occassional yellowish-red in cooler falls/winters.
  • Prefers regular irrigation spring, summer and early fall. Additional water will improve its appearance.
Cooper's Mesquite tree

Cooper's Mesquite

(Prosopis alba ‘ Cooperi’) - This fast growing, thornless, semi-deciduous tree thrives in our desert environment. 

  • Yellow flowers bloom in springtime
  • Grows to approximately 25 to 30 feet tall and wide
  • Enjoys full sun
  • Is cold hardy to approx. 20° F
  • Prefers deep, infrequent waterings
Desert Museum Palo Verde Tree in Bloom

Desert Museum Palo Verde

(Parkinsonia X ‘Desert Museum’) - The Desert Museum Palo Verde has a distinctively upright growth and blooms late spring through summer. 

  • Lemon yellow flowers bloom spring through summer (with supplemental watering)
  • Bright green slender leaves growing on thornless branches create an airy canopy that offers dappled shade 
  • Provides winter color with its year-round green trunk and branches
  • Grows to 20-25 feet tall and wide
  • Tolerates reflected heat
  • Cold hardy to approximately 10° F
Mastic Tree

Mastic Tree

(Pistacia lentiscus) - Also known as an Evergreen Pistache, this small tree is native to the Mediterranean and makes a great choice for patios and poolsides!

  • A slow to moderate growth rate to 12-25 feet tall and wide
  • Male trees have red spring blooms and make a great, clean poolside or patio tree
  • Female trees have inconsipicuous white flowers, and small red to black berries in the fall that are loved by birds
  • Valued worldwide for its aromatic resin that is used in a wide variety of products
  • Can be pruned for use as a small patio tree or left to grow into a large, dense shrub
  • Will tolerate full sun and a wide range of soils (prefers good drainage), once established
  • Cold hardy to approx. 15° F
Mulga Tree


(Acacia aneura) - An excellent choice for a low water use tree in a small area.

  • This evergreen woody perennial has a slow growth rate to 20-30 feet tall with a slightly smaller spread.
  • Blooms rod-shaped flowers with bold yellow stamens.
  • Spring fruits are small flattened green pods that ripen to brown.
  • Foliage is small grayish blue-green.
  • This tree is heat loving and cold tolerant to 15° F
  • Once established, needs little water.  Does not require supplemental water in winter. However, we recommend watering every 1-2 weeks in summer for peak performance. Will increase in size and growth rate with additional watering.
3 pictures of the Red Push Pistache tree - 2 from Civano Nursery and 1 from Mountain States Wholesale Nursery

Red Push Pistache

(Pistacia ‘Red Push’) - This long-lived deciduous tree has a broad, spreading crown and compound leaves that emerge with a red tint and mature to green. 

  • Has an inconspicuous green bloom in springtime
  • Moderate growth rate to 25-40 feet tall and 20-40 feet wide
  • Cold hardy to 0° F
  • Colorful red, orange and yellow fall foliage
  • Prefers full sun and moderate irrigation to increase growth rate

How to Plant a Tree

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