pink and white adenium with blue and black butterfly; potted red adenium and a bright pink adenium

It's Time to Bring Your Adenium out of Dormancy

Adeniums, known as a Desert Rose, are a favorite succulent of many in our area. Recognized for their bright, colorful blooms and their interesting growth patterns, they make a beautiful addition to your desert garden.

Moving Your Adeniums Outdoors

Now that the weather is warm and we are entering their active growing season, it is time to take your Adeniums back outside where you can water, prune, transplant and fertilize them.

Adenium Plant1. Watering

To fully wake Adeniums out of dormancy, they need a good long drink of water. These plants can be watered several times a week or even every day, depending on the soil you use.

2. Pruning

To prune this plant, start by cutting off any damaged and old portions to make room for healthy growth. You should also watch it throughout its growing season to identify any spots on the leaves that are often caused by high humidity.

3. Transplanting

If you want to repot your adenium, we recommend using the following products from E.B. Stone Organics: Cactus Mix, Perlite and Pumice.

Potted Adenium

4. Fertilizing

To best fertilize adeniums, start now. We recommend Osmocote Flower & Vegetable and Sea Grow All Purpose 16-16-16, both of which can be purchased at your local SummerWinds Nursery and used according to the instructions on their labels.

To learn more about adeniums, click here to read another one of our blog posts. You can also visit your local SummerWinds Nursery and speak with one of our Trusted Garden Advisors for even more tips and help specific to your desert garden landscape and home.