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A Beginner's Guide to Rose Care

Every court needs a queen, and that’s why we think you should try planting some roses this year. Known as the queens of the garden, rose bushes come in thousands of varieties with a huge range of colors and shapes. Rose plants are quite forgiving, so learn these blooming basics, and you’ll get to enjoy this fragrant flower.

Okay, bloomer, here are some tips for growing great roses in Arizona!

Choices, Choices

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A rose by any other name is still a rose. But let's be honest, not all roses are created equal. What color palette are you looking for? There is a classic red, pink, white, peach, yellow, and beyond.

When it comes to varieties, you’ll need to think about where you want to put your roses. There are single-flowers or clusters of blooms. Are you looking for rose bushes or a climbing-variety to cover a wall?

Are you hoping to catch a whiff of sweet rose petals when you walk outside? Make sure you pick a scented variety! Some types of roses have no scent at all. Some of the most heavily fragranced kinds are Bella Roma, Mr. Lincoln, and Aromatherapy.

Still not sure? Take our quiz to let fate decide!

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Planting Roses in Arizona

When it comes to planting your roses, make sure you pick a great spot for them to grow. Roses need around six hours of full sun a day, ideally morning sun, which is less likely to burn your beauties. Give your roses space from other plants, so they don’t need to fight with them for nutrients from the soil. Roses are lovers, not fighters, after all. Look around and make sure that your roses have some protection from damaging winds. Your house, hedges, or a fence make good guardians for your buds.

Make sure you dig a hole big enough for the root ball of your roses. Much of Arizona’s soil is alkaline, but you should still find top quality soil to help your plant thrive. You should use E.B. Stone Rose Grow Planting Mix to nourish your sweet baby plant. Try to track down soil that drains well. Roses, while needing deep watering, don’t like being too wet. Mulch is also something that can really help your rose bush blossom. Mulch can help distribute water to the plant as it protects the roots and adds nutrients to the plant.

Tasty tip: Planting garlic alongside the roses can help protect it from pests. Pests, like vampires, hate garlic.

Caring for Roses

Rose bush care can take a bit of practice to get just right, but you'll have those babies blooming in no time if you follow these tips.Watering Roses

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Just like your last match on that dating app, roses are thirsty. But there is a gentle art in watering them. You want to make sure you water them deeply but not too often. To do this you can set the hose near the base of the plant and let the water in slowly until it’s thoroughly wet. In this dry Arizona climate, you should probably water them every 2-3 days. When watering, avoid getting water on the petals to reduce the chances of damage and disease. Watering in the morning can help keep the plant hydrated and avoid burning it.

Fertilizing Roses

Fertilizing helps boost your plant and provide it with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and keep giving you gorgeous blooms. You can fertilize before, during, and after its blooming cycle. We suggest fertilizing your roses in January when the plant is working hard to grow in time for spring. Use E.B. Stone Organics Sure Start and E.B. Stone Organic Rose & Flower Food for best results.

Pruning Roses

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Every rose has its thorn...unless you snip it off. Pruning is actually essential for a healthy, thriving plant. In Arizona, January is an ideal time for pruning as the rose goes somewhat dormant. Try to avoid pruning during the peak summer growing months. During summer, new growth needs protection from the hottest days of the sun. The old-growth does its part by shading the new buds. You can prune again during the autumn months as things start to cool down.

When you do prune, it’s good to trim away any damaged or dead parts of the plant. Pruning can also help to shape your plant and keep it manageable. When pruning, get a good pair of gloves and curved-blade pruning shears. Cut on a 45-degree angle about a quarter-inch above a bud.

Any time a bloom wilts and dies, go ahead and deadhead them! Gently plucking off the spent blooms allows the plant to push out new beauty for you to bask in.

Now that you’re practically a bonafide rosarian, you can start dreaming and scheming about your upcoming enchanting rose garden. If you have any questions, you can pop by your closest Arizona SummerWinds Nursery location!

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