What's Growing On

Poinsettias, small rosemary trees and other plants, a dog in front of Christmas tree, Christmas greens in a paper sleeve, a Christmas tree, bow and box for letters to Santa, and Christmas Wreaths.

Christmas Trees, Greenery & More

Embrace the holidays with fresh-cut Christmas trees and greenery, and colorful holiday flowers and plants! 

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Stacked stone sculpture with agave in background, blue pot with colorful plants, hanging houseplants, birdbath with frogs near yellow flowers.

Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect Christmas present or holiday gift for the plant-enthusiast in your life? We've got a great variety of garden-inspired gifts to choose from!

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Mangave Macho Mocha, Boojum Tree, Aloe Plicatilis and Furcraea MacDougalii.

Speciatly Succulents & Cacti

Looking for some unique succulent or cactus plants to add to your desert garden landscape? We've got some great varieties to choose from that you don't see every day!

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3 images: Mandarins growing on a tree;  scallions, carrots, broccoli and beats on a wooden table; cherry tomatoes growing next to a purple flower

Fall Vegetables, Herbs & Fruits

Plant your fall Tasty Garden with your favorite vegetable and herb plants, and citrus fruits!

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5 images: a butterfly on lantana flowers; petunias, bougainvillea, hibiscus, and a patio with bougainvillea, roses and geraniums next to seating, a tea set and a white fence

Fall Flowers for Beautiful Color!

Explore a wide variety of fall flowers - arriving now and throughout the season... 

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Sansevieria with other houseplants in the background.

Bring the Outdoors in with Houseplants!

This fall, explore our selection of houseplants for every room and lighting condition in your home!

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3 images - roses for sale, a new plant being watered after planting, and a tree in a box for sale

New Plant Watering Guide

Check out our New Plant Watering Guide to learn how to best water your new plants to ensure their success!  Plus, we've got links to sensible landscape watering advice and booklets from Water - Use it Wisely.

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