What's Growing On

In-store now at your local SummerWinds Nursery, discover: what you could be doing in your garden this month; Tasty Garden tomatoes, veggies, herbs and fruits; a variety of roses; and low-water use trees and plants.

Plus, learn how to best water your new plants with our New Plant Watering Guide.

Texas Mountain Laurel, a ripening pepper, and a strawberry plant.

March Gardening Calendar

Wondering what you could be doing in your garden this month? We've got some ideas and recommendations.

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A variety of tomatoes and a woman smiling while holding tomatoes on the vine.

A Rainbow of Tomato Varieties

Your local SummerWinds has 3-inch, 4-inch, 6-pack, 1-gallon, 5-gallon, and Cache tomato varieties arriving daily... 

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collage of 3 Warm-season veggies: peppers growing in garden, a selection of summer melons on a wooden table, and fresh green beans on a wooden table

Enjoy Your Favorite Warm-Season Edible Plants

Now is a great time to plant your favorite warm-season vegetables and herbs—in ground or in raised garden beds!

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Red climbing roses; white, pink and yellow shrub roses, and a double delight rose.

Roses are Here!

Add beautiful roses to your desert garden with a wide variety available at your local SummerWinds!

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A collage of 3 images: a lemon tree, a young girl picking oranges, and limes on a tree

Enjoy Fresh-Picked Citrus Straight from Your Garden!

Choose from a wide range of citrus trees—including standard and semi-dwarf varieties—and add the perfect splash of zest to your favorite beverages or recipes with delicious homegrown fruits.

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Apples, peaches, figs, apricots and plums growing on trees.

Add Delicious Deciduous Fruits to Your Desert Garden

Choose from a variety of deciduous fruit trees and discover beautiful flowers in spring, followed by flavorful fruits you can enjoy staight from your garden! 

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3 desert landscape images with low water use plants.

Low-Water Use Plants

Unlike traditional garden species, low-water-use plants have adapted to survive in dry conditions, requiring significantly less water for their growth and maintenance, once established.

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