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5 Low-Water Use Tree Varieties: Desert Willow, Acassia aneura, Nerium, Green Hopseed, and Mesquite.

Low Water Use Trees

Discover a variety of trees that grow well in the desert and require little water, once established!

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a collage of flowers including: celosia, coreopsis, angelonia, cosmos and vinca, zinnia,

It's time for Summer Flowers!

Explore 25 of our favorite summer flower varieties, available seasonally at your local SummerWinds!

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collage of 3 Warm-season veggies: peppers growing in garden, a selection of summer melons on a wooden table, and fresh green beans on a wooden table

Summer Vegetables & More

Harvesting summer vegetables and fruits from your own Tasty Garden is both rewarding and delicious! 

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A closeup of an airplant in a stone planter on a wooden table with houseplants blurred in the background on the left

We're Wild About Houseplants!

We have houseplants that thrive in a variety of lighting conditions. Find the perfect plants for every room!

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3 images - roses for sale, a new plant being watered after planting, and a tree in a box for sale

New Plant Watering Guide

Check out our New Plant Watering Guide to learn how to best water your new plants to ensure their success!  Plus, we've got links to sensible landscape watering advice and booklets from Water - Use it Wisely.

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A collage of beautiful water-friendly desert plants with the "water use it wisely" logo

Sensible Landscape Watering

Learn ways you can sensibly water your landscape with recommendations from Water - Use It Wisely. Plus, download their Landscape Watering Guide.

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3 images: Red Yucca, a variety of cacti and succulents, and fire stick cactus

Cacti & Sun-Tolerant Succulents

There are a number of cactus varieties and sun-tolerant succulents that require little water. Many are native to Arizona and all are well suited for life in the desert.

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