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In-store now at your local SummerWinds Nursery, discover: what you could be doing in your garden this month; aquatic plants for your water garden or feature, gorgeous summer flowers, low-water use trees and plants, ways you can help make shade in your desert landscape, and watering guides to help your garden thrive while reducing water use—like our New Plant Watering Guide.

Salmon-color roses, a deep pink hibiscus bloom, pepper plants in garden with mulch and drip system.

June Gardening Calendar

Wondering what you could be doing in your garden this month? We've got some ideas and recommendations.

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4 different water plants: Queen Victoria Cardinal Flower, Red Abyssinian Banana, Water Lily, and Yerba Mansa.

Aquatic (Water) Plants

Explore our selection of aquatic plants to create a water feature that is beautiful, well-balanced and designed for success!

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3 summer flowers - Purslane, Pentas - with a butterfly, and Golden Fleece blooms.

It's Time for Summer Flowers

Summer flowers can give your garden landscape that pop of color or texture you're looking for—even in the heat!

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A variety of low-water-use trees, shrubs and groundcovers that grow well in the Valley of the Sun.

Low-Water-Use Plants

Unlike traditional garden species, low-water-use plants have adapted to survive in dry conditions, requiring significantly less water for their growth and maintenance, once established

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2 landscape images with Trees and shrubs that create shade for smaller plants, etc.

Ways to Create Shade in Your Landscape

The presence of shade in your landscape is crucial if you hope to continue spending time outdoors, whether it’s to work in your garden or kick back and relax. Here are a few long and short-term ideas for adding shade to your desert garden or backyard living space.

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A desert tree, a dog on a lawn near lavender, blooming aloes and agaves, desert landscape with shrubs, yellow flowers and cacti.

Watering Guides & Recommendations

Like you, we understand that water is a precious resource and we're committed to helping our customers reduce water waste. To help, we've got watering recommendations and guides on a variety of topics. 

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