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In-store now at your local SummerWinds Nursery, discover: what you could be doing in your garden this month; ryegrass seed packages for a great winter lawn; fall veggies, herbs and fruits; a variety of colorful fall flowers arriving throughout the season; how to map the sun exposure in your garden; and low-water use plants!

Plus, learn how to best water your new plants with our New Plant Watering Guide.

September Gardening Calendar text on purple background with snapshot of downloadable calendar.

September Gardening Calendar

Wondering what you could be doing in your garden this month? We've got some ideas and recommendations.

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A puppy playing with a small soccer ball on a lawn, and a backyard with a cornhole game, loungers, a small pool, plants and a fence.

How Will You Enjoy Your Winter Lawn?

During the best months of the year to be outdoors, there are many ways you can enjoy your winter lawn!

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Peppers, vegetables, a lemon tree, and a tomato plant.

Enjoy Your Favorite Edible Plants This Fall

This fall, plant your favorite vegetables, herbs, citrus tree varieties, and more—in ground or in raised garden beds!

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Fall flowers - purple petunias and yellow flowers at SummerWinds Nursery.

Beautiful Fall Flowers Arriving Now!

You can enjoy a variety of colorful fall flowers… arriving throughout the season!

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A How-To Guide to Mapping Sun Exposure In Your Garden

Knowing how to determine your yard’s sun exposure is an extremely handy skill for all gardeners. When some plants thrive in direct sun, some like the shade, and others like a little bit of both each day, you’ve got to plan wisely...

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Low water use plants, trees and groundcovers.

Low-Water Use Plants

Unlike traditional garden species, low-water-use plants have adapted to survive in dry conditions, requiring significantly less water for their growth and maintenance, once established.

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