What's Growing On

In-store now at your local SummerWinds Nursery, discover: a wide variety of roses, vegetables, herbs, citrus and tropical fruits, low-water use trees, houseplants, and much more! Plus, discover what you could be doing in your garden this month, and check out our New Plant Watering Guide to learn how to best water your new plants.

Red climbing roses, roses planted on a desert backyard patio with other plants, and pink, white and yellow roses.

Enjoy the Sweet Scents of Roses - Including New Varieties!

Be sure to check out these new rose varieties at SummerWinds: Morning Glow™, Heavenly Scented™, Diamond Eyes™, and Picture Perfect™. 

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3 Desert-friendly, low-water-use trees: Mesquite tree,Lilac Chaste tree, and a Pink Oleander.

Low-Water Use Trees

Choose from a wide variety of trees that require minimal water to grow and thrive in your desert garden landscape, once established.

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Fruits growing on trees/vines: Bananas, Passion Fruit flower, Figs, Papayas.

Grow Your Favorite Tropical Fruits

Choose from bananas, papayas, cherimoyas, loquats, figs, jujubes, avocados, pomegranates, dragon fruits, and more!

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Text: For the Love of Citrus with 3 image closeups: lemons, limes with flowers, and oranges each on trees

Enjoy Delicious Citrus

Grow your favorite citrus fruits right in your back yard! Choose from a wide variety, including some semi-dwarf citrus trees.

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3 images: cucumbers on a table cloth, red hot peppers growing, and watermelon growing in garden

What are You Growing in Your Tasty Garden?

Grow your favorite veggies in-ground or in raised garden beds—including seasonal heat-loving varieties!

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Brightly colored pots, Talavera pots, plants in a blue pot, and white and brown pots of different textures.

Enjoy a Wide Variety of Outdoor Pots!

Choose from a variety of outdoor pots—from small to large, Earth-tones to bright colors, smooth to textured, Talavera patterns, and even some with metalic glazes!

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Text that reads "March Gardening Calendar" on a blue background with a thumbprint of our March Gardening Calendar flyer

March Gardening Calendar

Wondering what you could be doing in your garden this month? We've got some ideas and recommendations.

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