June Gardening Calendar

June Gardening Calendar text on a purple background with a small image of our June Gardening Calendar flyer.Wondering What You Should Be Doing In Your Garden?

Below is a calendar of key things you can be doing in your garden during the month of June.

June Gardening Calendar

Approximate Dates & Gardening Activities:

  • June 1 - Summer is here! Check drips, timers and irrigation to ensure proper watering. To learn more, check out these tips from Water - Use It Wisely!
  • June 5 - Add summer color to your garden and patio with vinca, pentas and more...
  • June 8 - Prune your plants to help protect them from summer wind storms.
  • June 12 - It's Father's Day soon! We have gardening tools and more for Dad...
  • June 15 - Plants turning yellow from extra watering? If so, use Chelated Iron to green them up, and nitrogen for strong growth. Houseplants turning yellow? Learn how to help them.
  • June 19 - Summer Harvest is upon us. Check your Tasty Garden for veggies that are ready to eat!
  • June 22 - Plant heat-loving plants like cactus, bougainvillea, aloe, hibiscus and lantana...
  • June 26 - Have hot spots in your garden? Use shade cloths to protect your plants from extreme heat.
  • June 29 - Use mulch to help plants retain soil moisture and reduce the rate of evaporation.

A hibiscus bloom, a drip line near a strawberry plant and a rose in bloom with mulch underneath.Want More?  Register for one of our FREE Learn ‘n Grow classes online!

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