Specialty Trees: Growing Avocado Trees in Arizona

Specialty Trees: Growing Avocado Trees in Arizona

We're excited to offer avocado trees—for the most adventurous of gardeners who like a challenge and are ready to create the micro-climate they'll need to successfully grow in the Valley of the Sun.

7 Specialty Avocado Trees

Avocados can be very difficult to grow in the Valley of the Sun, but not impossible. To successfully grow them, you'll need to create a micro-climate for them to grow in. It should include protection from our winds, being planted in soil with good drainage, and enjoying light shade in the summer and a warm area in the winter (such as the south/east side of a large shade tree). To learn more, speak with one of our Trusted Garden Experts.

Sizes and selection varies by location; available while supplies last. Contact your local SummerWinds Nursery with questions about specific varieties or sizes.


Avocado Trees
    • Bacon (Shown as 'a') - A medium-sized (6-12 oz) oval-shaped fruit of good quality with smooth, green skin and a medium/large seed.

      Source: https://www.californiaavocado.com/avocado101/avocado-varieties

    • Fuerte (Shown as 'b') – This medium/large size (5-14 oz), pear-shaped avocado is harvested late fall through spring. It has smooth skin and a medium-size seed.

      Source: https://www.californiaavocado.com/avocado101/avocado-varieties

    • Hass (Shown as 'c') - A medium/large size (5-12 oz) top-selling variety that is known for the changing color of its skin as it ripens—from green to a purplish-black (when ripe). It has an oval shape, pebbly skin and a small/medium size seed.

      Source: https://www.californiaavocado.com/avocado101/avocado-varieties

    • Holiday (Shown as 'd') - This medium size fruit (10-12 oz) boasts excellent flavor and is wonderful for growing in containers.

      Source: http://www.harvesttohome.com/avocados/holiday-avocado-dwarf/

    • Lamb (Shown as 'e') - Similar to the Hass variety but larger in size. This oval shaped, large fruit (11.75-18.75 oz) fruit has pebbly skin and a medium-size seed.

      Source: https://www.californiaavocado.com/avocado101/avocado-varieties

    • Mexicola- Grande (Shown as 'f') The most resilient of avocados, this small-sized fruit (4-8 oz) has deep green to yellow flesh and a paper-thin, black glossy skin that is edible. Its leaves are also edible and boast a strong anise aroma. It is often used in Mexican recipes.

      Source: https://www.tomorrowsharvest.com/store/mexicola-grande-avocado.html

  • Stewart (Shown as 'g') - This medium size (9-10 oz), pear-shaped fruit has a thin, nearly black skin, a creamy green flesh, a medium size seed and a wonderful nutty flavor.

    Source: http://www.harvesttohome.com/avocados/stewart-avocado/

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Fertilizing Other Trees & Shrubs

Fertilize this fall

Fall is the perfect time to fertilize your trees and shrubs and give them a much needed boost after the heat of summer.

  • Fertilome Tree & Shrub Food - Great for all types of trees and shrubs, including shade trees, nut trees, Evergreens, citrus, tropical and flowering trees. Scientifically formulated to move the food directly to the feeder roots when applied around the tree or shrub drip line; no digging required.
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