Outdoor Pottery

3 images: metal grey, ang black planters; a rainbow of colorful ceramic planters on display at SummerWinds; and stacks of white, and black, pottery

Imagine the "Potsabilities"

At SummerWInds Nursery, we offer a wide variety of pots and planters. Enjoy a rainbow of colors, as well as black, white and grey pots. Explore pots from small to large, squat to tall, and round to square. Finishes range from earthy neutrals and metallics, to combinations glazes, textures and patterns.    

5 images: wine and blue ribbed ceramic pots with yellow and blue pots in the background; blue and turqoise rectangular ceramic pots; a variety of Talavera pots on display at SummerWinds; a close up of 2 milky blue and blue-grey ceramic pots; and a close up of a bright blue pot with a rich brozne lip and light blue, vertical, drip-like stripes

Container Gardening

The Wide World of Container Gardening

Want to learn more about the many ways you can incorporate containers in your garden and home? Click the links below:

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