Renee's Garden - Scatter Seeds

2 images: the first has 3 different containers of Renee's Gardens Native flower seed mixes or Wildflower mixes; the second image is a field of wildflowers, primarily consisting of bright orange-red poppies and purple Barchelor's buttons with a white box in the center of the image with Renee's Garden Seed logo inside it, along with the text that says

Add an assortment of beautiful flowers to your garden landscape, and attract beneficial pollinators, with scatter garden seeds from Renee's Garden.

California Native Orange Poppies: Cheerful California poppies (Eschscholtzia californica) are a perfect choice for hot, dry areas and grow almost anywhere without a fuss...

Protect & Fertilize Green Cover Crop Blend: This vigorous cover crop chokes out weeds, holds and protects soil structure and builds soil fertility. Balanced mix of nitrogen-fixing legumes, annual grasses, soil penetrating roots and cleansing brassicas.

Endless Bouquets Cut Flower Garden: Grow your own gorgeous cut flowers that bloom in succession throughout spring and summer. Make lavish bouquets using nature's own paint box of beautiful colors and forms.

Flower Power for Nature's Pollinators: Grow an easy-care garden of annual flowers to provide food and shelter for endangered native bees, honeybees, butterflies and other pollinators. Blooms for months in lovely colors and forms.

Free Flowering Rainbow Zinnias: A special blend of beautiful, free-flowering California Giant double zinnias (Zinnia elegans) with dense overlapping petals in a full range of vivid, clear colors. These easy to grow heirlooms provide a rich pollen and nectar source for foraging bees, butterflies and many native pollinators, with plenty for long-lasting bouquets that practically arrange themselves.

Heirloom Summer Garden Dancing, Joyous Sunflowers: Cheerful, carefree heirloom sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) gladden both the eye and heart! Grow this blend of multicolored, branching Autumn Beauty and giant Mammoth sunflowers to offer nectar and pollen to foraging bees, butterflies and native pollinators, armfuls of blossoms for bouquets and oil-rich seed heads to sustain songbirds through winter.

Colorful & Carefree Annual Wildflowers: Annual wildflowers in a full palette of color grow easily and are perfect for open areas or neglected slopes. Enjoy a beautiful succession of form and color throughout spring and summer.