Deciduous Fruits

A fig tree, an apple tree and grapes.

Deciduous Fruits You Can Grow in the Desert

Your local SummerWinds Nursery has a variety of deciduous fruits (many of which are stone fruits) available seasonally, including:

  • Apple – Anna, Dorsett Golden, Ein Shemer, Fuji, Gala, Ghost, and Pink Lady
  • Apricot – Blenheim (Royal), Gold Kist, Katy, Pixie, and Tropic Gold
  • Aprium – Flavor Delight
  • Fig  Black Jack, Black Mission, Brown Turkey (improved), Flanders, Panache Tiger, Peter's Honey, Violette de Bordeaux, and White Genoa
  • Grape - Autumn Royal, Black Monukka, Canadice (seedless), Crimson (seedless), Flame (seedless), Flame Vineyard Graft, and Thompson (seedless)
  • Jujube – Lang, Li, and Sugar Cane
  • Morus – Illinois Everbearing, and Persian
  • Nectaplum –Spice Zee
  • Nectarine – Double Delight, and Nectar Babe
  • Peach – August Price, Babcock White, Bonanza, Bonita, Donut, Eva's Pride, Honey Babe, May Pride, Mid-Pride, Red Baron, Sauzee Swirl White, and Tropic Snow
  • Pear Asian, Flordahome, and Hood
  • Persimmon – Fuyu - Jiro, Giant Fuyu, Hachiya, and Izu
  • Plums – Beauty, Burgundy, Santa Rosa, Satsuma, and Weeping Santa Rosa
  • Pluots – Flavor Grande, and Flavor King
  • Pomegranate – Ariana, Eversweet, Parfianka, and Wonderful

Many of the above varieties are available in semi-dwarf sizes. Learn more about the difference between semi-dwarf and standard trees. Selection varies by location. 

A closeup of a Santa Rosa Plum tree with numerous fruits on it.Deciduous Fruit Tree Care

Learn about the tools and products we offer to help you grow and care for your deciduous fruit trees—and ensure their success!

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