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What You Need to Know About Square Foot Gardening. It's Easy!

Have you heard of square foot gardening before? This technique involves dividing up a raised container bed into small square sections; the goal is to create a smaller, yet populated vegetable garden with a number of benefits. Are you ready to begin square foot gardening? We have wonderful herbs and vegetables ready to buy right now!

If you’re unsure about this type of gardening, here are a few reasons Preparedness Mama offers as to why you should give it a try, as well as advice for what to consider before getting started.

9 Reasons to Try Square Foot Gardening

  1. Raised Bed Square Foot Gardening Growing your vegetables close together cuts down on weeding
  2. It works well with raised bed gardening
  3. Soil is enriched for super nutrition – a benefit for you and the plant
  4. You can grow more in less space
  5. It’s easy to water and spot pests
  6. It’s easy to plan and stretch your harvest over several seasons
  7. You control planting so there is no more over planting and thinning
  8. Square foot gardening is a seed saver – you only grow what you need
  9. Succession planting and crop rotation is easy.

Square Foot Gardening CloseupCriteria for Square Foot Gardening

  • You build your garden in a series of 12 inch by 12-inch squares – an area of 1 foot each.
  • Each square is grouped together in blocks measuring 4×4 feet.
  • Each square foot grows one kind of plant. For example, you can plant 4 leaf lettuce plants, 9 spinach or 16 carrots per square foot.  
  • Each plant has specific growing requirements and attributes. Plant taller crops toward the inside, or against a back screen/wall. Plant shorter crops toward the outside or toward the front.
  • Don't forget to incorporate companion plants like marigolds into your square foot garden. These helpful plants can help deter pests and more!
  • Soil health is the key to your success.

Additional Resources

Additional ResourcesStop by your local SummerWinds Nursery for all of your plants and soil needs.

For inspiration as to the many types of square foot gardens you can plant, check out William Sonoma's downloadable square foot garden guides. Sample square foot garden layouts include the following: Beginner's Vegetable Garden, Salad Garden, Culinary Herb Garden, Tomato Garden, Canning Garden, Salsa Garden, and more!

For ideas on raised square foot garden beds and watering systems, check out gardeninminutes.com raised garden kits and their Garden Grid™ watering systems (shown above).

Close up lettuce square foot gardeningCreate Your Own Square Foot Garden

With the ease of growing many vegetables in one area and easy harvesting, this gardening technique is great for beginners and pros alike. If you have any questions about creating your own square foot garden, visit your local SummerWinds Nursery and speak to one of our Trusted Garden Advisors; we’re happy to help.

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