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Summer Heat? These Container Plants Can Take It!

No rain in the forecast? No problem! Try these incredible heat-tolerant, low water use container plants in your Arizona garden. Conserving water is no longer just an eco-friendly trend, it’s a necessity for many of us. Pairing hot, dry Arizona [...]

Gardening Tips for Monsoon Season

Who Says Plants Can't Thrive During an Arizona Summer? Monsoon Season Monsoon season in Arizona begins June 15 and ends September 30. Common occurances during a monsoon include: high winds, dust and [...]

A Year in the Life of a Citrus Tree

Thinking about growing a citrus tree but not sure if you've got the green thumb for it? There are indeed a few different factors that go into growing and maintaining a healthy citrus tree, but if there was ever a [...]

Plants that Thrive with Little Water

If you are looking for an easy garden indoors and out, here’s a list of plants that need little water to thrive... Outdoor Plants that Need Little Water People think that in order to have a beautiful and [...]

3 images - a closeup of a moringa tree pod with blurred leaves and red flowers in the background; moringa tree powder in a white bowl, moringa leaves, flowers, seeds and pods on a grey surface; and a moringa tree against a blue sky

The Amazing Edible Moringa Tree! Who Knew?

The Moringa could be one of the most diverse, unique and precious trees we can grow; it has a positive influence on everything from clean water to our health. Learn about the many benefits of the Morgina tree, how to grow it, and discover a tasty Moringa Leaves Curry recipe!