Fall Flowers and Foliage

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Fall is an exciting time in the garden as we are revisted by some of our favorite fall flowers and foliage.  While many of these plants are the same stunners we love in the spring, they apeal to our senses in a different way within our containers, beds and borders.

Here is a list of fall flowers to get your creative juices growing...

Coleus plant with slightly purplish pink leaves edged in a light yellow, surrounded by other green foliagecoleus plant green with purple center and little blooms of purple flowers


Mounding or spreading displays of exquisite multi-colored foliage. Performs in fall weather. Bold accent for borders, beds, window boxes and containers.

  • Light Requirements: Filtered sun, Full shade, Partial shade, Partial sun
  • Water: Requires regular water- keep soil surface semi-moist but not soggy.

rudbeckia perennial flowersRudbeckias

Available in many different varieties, these dynamic daisy-like flowers bloom summer through fall. The dense, multi-branched plant with lush green foliage and a profusion of charming, colorful blooms is just what is needed to brighten a border, bed, or container. An herbaceous perennial.

  • Light Requirements: Full Sun
  • Water: Water regularly - weekly, or more often in extreme heat or containers.


Heuchera or commonly known as Coral Bells is a showy, clumping perennial. Available in an array of colors to accent with their lovely leaves full of depth and color. 

  • Light Requirements: Partial sun
  • Water: Needs regular watering - weekly, or more often in extreme heat

Plum Pudding

plum pudding heuchera or coral bells perennial


lime heuchera or coral bells perennial

Fire Alarm

fire alarm heuchera or coral bells perennial


dark purple or black heuchera or coral bells perennial

Fall is For Planting...fall is for planting showing images of trees, shrubs and perennials and someone planting

Fall is truly the best time of year to add new perennials, trees, and shrubs to your California landscape. It’s all about the roots! When you plant in the fall, your soil is still warm – and as the cooler months set in, the root structure is encouraged to become stronger, ensuring a beautiful and healthy spring and summer.

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