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Salvia - Perfect in Every Way!

This versatile beauty seems to keep checking off the list all the great qualities you want in a perennial. Attractive to our friendly pollinators, easy to maintain, drought tolerant once established and a droop proof plant. Salvia is one incredible plant. Great in borders, containers, as mass plantings and in rock gardens. Perfect for water-wise gardens!

Varieties Include:

Salvia GreggiiSalvias

One of the most popular landscape plants due to its ability to handle the heat, humidity, magnetic personality for hummingbirds, is drought tolerant once established, has a charming evergreen habit and colorful, long-lasting blooms. Usually red, but may appear purple, pink or violet.

Salvia elegans

A fragrant, perennial herb for garden or patio with showy scarlet-red flowers in late summer. The blooms contrast nicely against bright, pineapple-scented yellow green foliage. Crushed leaves have the aroma and taste of pineapple, used to make tea, potpourri, jams and jellies.

bee looking for pollen inside purple salviaSalvia leucantha

A favorite among many with because its blooms are showy velvety spikes that appear late summer through frost while other summer plants are petering out. Easy to grow and extremely drought tolerant once established.

VIBE® Ignition Purple Salvia

Salvia x jamensis - is notably heat and drought tolerant, this petite sage explodes with dark purple buds that open to vibrant purple flowers throughout summer. Vibe® Ignition Purple from Monrovia is one of the most humidity tolerant varieties of its type. Add to summer garden borders, wildlife or cutting gardens, or feature in containers.

 Salvia Care:

Salvia thrives in lean to average, loose, well-drained soil. Benefits from light afternoon shade in hot southern climates. Water deeply, regularly during first growing season. Once established, reduce frequency. Feed sparingly; high nutrition hinders flowering. Remove spent flowers to promote continued bloom. Pruning time: spring. prune to a few inches above ground, after threat of frost.