3 images of fall colored houseplants with the first image being a bromeliad with a peachy orange color, stonecrop sedum and croton

Fall in Love with These Warm-Toned Houseplants

If like us, you've found yourself totally starry-eyed over all the gorgeous fall foliage outside, then you should bring those colors into your living space with some warm-toned houseplants! No need to stick to strictly green—there are so many beautiful indoor plants that sport a warm fall color palette all year, not just in October. That golden hour glow will last all day when you've got a few of these beauties placed throughout your home.

croton plant leaves summerwinds california


There's no denying this ultra-vibrant plant is a total statement piece with tons of attitude. The most common varieties have a yellow, red, orange, and lime green color scheme that's kinda reminiscent of a tie-dye shirt you'd buy on a tropical vacation. If you want something a little more subdued that still really brings that golden glow, try the gold dust croton! The leaves look like they've been splattered with yellow paint.

To maintain that sunny glow, these plants need about 6–8 hours of direct sunlight per day, so try to place them in a South or West-facing window. Since they're tropicals, they prefer humidity, so if the air is a bit dry in your home, you should mist them regularly. They also benefit from having the leaves wiped off with a damp cloth every now and then to keep those leaves glossy and free of dust.

red aglaonema plant summerwinds california

Red Aglaonema

This type of Chinese Evergreen has big leaves that are bright red and green, but the patterns on the leaves vary between varieties. Some have red trims, some have red centers, some are speckled, and others are almost entirely red! They're known for being incredibly low-maintenance, so you shouldn't have much trouble looking after this lovely rose-tinted plant. It thrives in partial to full sunlight, should be watered every 1–2 weeks, and will benefit from the occasional misting!

kalanchoe plant in pot summerwinds california


While the scalloped, waxy foliage of this houseplant is green, its showy displays of clustered flowers come in a whole spectrum of warm sunset colors. Their flowers bloom for an incredibly long time too, and if you regularly pinch off the spent blooms, you can encourage new growth. While it can tolerate lower light, you'll get the best flowering if you put it in brighter lit areas.

Since kalanchoe is technically a succulent, you won't want to go too overboard with the watering. Let the soil dry out almost completely between watering, which takes around two weeks, depending on the pot's size and the amount of light it's getting. Go easy on the fertilizer, too!

bright bromeliads summerwinds california


These peculiar plants all have a vivid, colorful center bract that looks like a giant flower and grows in a layered, spiraling rosette shape. Sometimes the bracts are one solid color like magenta, blush red, or lemon yellow, but some varieties have beautiful color gradients that create an ombre effect.

Bromeliads are epiphytic like orchids, so instead of a big pot full of standard potting soil, try a more shallow container with shredded bark or another loose potting medium that allows for good air circulation. While they don't have a very long lifespan as indoor plants, when they start to get old, they will produce "pups" that you can pluck off and propagate to grow into a whole new plant!

California Sunset Echeveria succulent summerwinds california

California Sunset Echeveria

Echeveria is an incredibly popular succulent, as its rosette shape is so perfectly spiraled and can be used in many different kinds of arrangements and containers. The California Sunset variety has a really interesting color pattern, where the leaves range from a very soft, muted, yellowy green tone to a warmer orange tone, but the edges are usually trimmed with a beautiful rosy pink.

Plant echeveria in a loose potting mix formulated especially for succulents, and place it in a spot that gets some good sun—especially if you want to get it to flower! If your echeveria is happy and getting lots of light, tall stems will reach up like arms and produce cute little star-shaped blossoms.

Coppertone Stonecrop sedum plant summerwinds california

Coppertone Stonecrop

Stonecrop, or sedum, has such a distinctive texture, and while it's often used in gardens as a groundcover, it also makes a fabulous container plant. The coppertone variety has yellow-orange succulent leaves that form elongated, spiky rosettes that grow all clustered together, spreading outward as it matures. Water them deeply, but infrequently, plant them in succulent potting soil, and place them in a sunny spot for best results. Don't let water collect in the bottom of the pot, or you'll end up with root rot!

golden pothos potted houseplant summerwinds california

Golden Pothos

Pothos has long been one of the most popular houseplants to grow because it's so easy and low-maintenance, and it has a gorgeous trailing habit that results in long vines of leaves pouring out from the container. This makes it ideal for hanging baskets, or on the edge of a floating shelf, so its foliage can pour down.

The golden pothos has variegated leaves that are painted with streaks of buttery yellow, giving it a soft, warm glow. They're very easy to propagate from cuttings too, so try snipping off a cluster of leaves and popping it in a glass of water. When it sprouts roots that reach about an inch and a half long, it's ready to be planted in soil.

To enjoy the beautiful colors of autumn, not just right now, but throughout the year, grab some of these warm-toned plants from one of our Summerwinds California locations! We've got plenty of other beautiful varieties in stock, so feel free to stop in and browse or call to arrange for home delivery or curbside pickup.