Discover an exceptional variety of plants, trees, and shrubs at SummerWinds Nursery, thoughtfully curated for the Bay Area's unique climate. Whether you're an experienced or novice gardener, our selection caters to your needs, ensuring a thriving and vibrant garden. With adaptability and beauty in mind, we handpick a diverse range of plant varieties that flourish in our microclimates. While year-round options are available, our seasonal plants bring novelty to your garden.

Reach out to your local SummerWinds Nursery for current availability. Our knowledgeable staff is passionate about gardening and ready to provide expert advice, helping you create an informed and flourishing garden. Visit us today and transform your space into a colorful haven with nature's beauty.

At SummerWinds, We Guarantee Success!

You'll find a selection of flowering bulbs that can be planted for spring, summer or forced for winter blooming.

We offer a huge selection each spring and fall of fruits, vegetables and herbs to grow and harvest your way.

Each holiday season, we offer a beautiful selection of poinsettias, amaryllis, cyclamen and more.

Whether you are looking for a houseplant for a dimly lit office or a variety of small to place on a window sill, we help you find the best houseplant for you.

Natives are plants that evolved with the local climate, soil types and animals.

Add texture and color with any of our selection of ornamental grasses.

Carefully for the Bay Area, our perennial selection is huge and covers those that attract beneficials, drought tolerant, heavily shaded, high traffic, full sun - the list goes on.

We receive a shipment of roses multiple times a year. From our packaged bareroot to our blooming beauties in the spring, they are always charming.

Versatile and chosen specifically for the Bay Area, our shrubs selection is stunning and ever changing.

A favorite for so many because they add color, texture and so much interest on top of being water-wise.

Trees provide shelter, shade, clean air as well as beauty and we have many to enhance your California landscape.

California Natives and other low-water perennials and shrubs that thrive in the Ba with less water once established