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salvia with hummingbird second image of purple heuchera and third image of purple flowers

Trend Alert: 7 Purple Perennials You Should Plant Now

These trendy purple perennials hit all the right notes! Add them to your garden for a sensational color that keeps coming back.

three images of spring flowering bulbs with the first image a daffodil already blooming in spring, the second image of a pink tulip blooming and the third image of tulip bulbs the image has the words sweet treat blend on it

The Best Bulbs to Plant in Fall

In Northern California, the best time to plant your fall bulbs is any time between October and January. In Southern California, you're better off waiting until late December or January to plant your bulbs. Curious about what kinds are available now? Here are our top picks!

5 small pumpkins with succulents planted in or on top of the pumpkins

Succulent Topped Pumpkin

Succulent-topped pumpkins are a fun, festive element to add to your fall décor– not only are they a pleasure to create, but even after the pumpkin is gone, the succulents can be planted elsewhere! We show you how.

three images of fall plants the first is spinach, the second is carrots and beets and the third is deep red chrysanthemums

What To Plant This Fall In The Bay Area

Here in the Bay Area, there are so many things we can plant in the fall because we don’t have the looming threat of winter frost like in other areas. While it can still get a bit chilly during those winter months, so many plants prefer these cooler temperatures over [...]

2 images of rosemary with the first of rosemary growing in a planter on a balcony and the second image shows rosemary clipped and tied  in twine next to fresh garlic and peppercorns and dried pasta

The Rundown on Rosemary

Follow our guide for growing rosemary indoors or out, so you can appreciate the beauty and the flavors of one of the most versatile herbs.