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woman holding a bunch of weeds

Common Garden Weeds: What They Are and How to Get Rid of Them

When you work hard in your garden, it is rewarding to look at everything growing from the ground, but every now and then you might see intruders you didn’t plant. Weeds are often nuisances that must be taken care of immediately. Keep reading for a description of [...]

12 mood lifter plants, salvia, sunflowers, geraniums, california poppies, ceanothus and chamomile

12 Mood-Boosting Plants for Your Bay Area Garden

Elevate your garden's vibe with 12 mood-boosting plants perfect for the Bay Area, promising color, calm, and fragrance.

citrus mocktail drinks made with oranges, lime and grapefruit

Squeeze the Day: Refreshing Citrus Mocktails to Brighten Your Week!

Enjoy our simple citrus mocktail recipes featuring oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits. Perfect for refreshing, alcohol-free drinks with a zest of health.

japanese maple  and the companion plants that look good with it grass, heuchera, hosta

Companions: Perfect Plants to Accentuate Your Japanese Maple in the Bay Area

It's important to also consider the specific variety of Japanese maple you have, as some may tolerate sun better than others, which would influence the selection of companion plants. Always ensure that the companion plants you choose have similar water and light requirements. Here are 10 plants...

valentine gift ideas bromeliad, succulents in cute containers, hellebores, kalanchoe

Plants and Love: Unique Valentine's Day Gifts

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is near? Weren’t we just celebrating New Year’s Eve? The classic Valentine’s Day gifts are usually a giant teddy bear, some chocolates and a bouquet of roses. While we’ll never turn down a dozen roses, did you know that there are other flowers that [...]