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garden recipe images of mango salad, strawberry lime margarita and lemon cupcakes

Garden Recipes for a Great Fourth of July

For the Fourth of July, the best recipes of snacks and drinks to enjoy on the patio include strawberry limeade, spicy mango salad, and lemon-basil fruit salad!

organic landscape echinacea, planting seedling and rain barrel

How To Plan an Organic Landscape

Organic landscaping is great for the environment and will help set your home up for success in light of climate-change-induced weather, including floods and fires.

Mulch and bark around plants, trees and shrubs

Let's Talk Mulch

Learn how mulching can be a valuable gardening technique for keeping plants moist and healthy, but the biggest and the most important advantage is retaining water and water conservation.

outdoor covered picnic area in garden with trees and plants, flowering trees and lights and adorandak chairs in garden

How to Create an Outdoor Room in Your Backyard

The key to creating an outdoor room in your backyard is to make walls with plants and trees. Create shade with a gazebo or a shade tree to cool off while lounging.

edible gardening from planting to harvesting banner tomato plants, leafy greens and finally woman holding peppers, beets and carrots

Tasty Garden: Maintaining Your Vegetable Crops

Growing crops is innately satisfying, but it does take a bit of maintenance! Here’s a breakdown of the essential maintenance steps every veggie gardener should know.