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three images of lush green plants and flowers in planters on balconies

Small Balcony Gardening Made Easy

Just because you have limited outdoor space doesn't mean you can't have a gorgeous garden! Here are creative ways that you can make the most of your small balcony.

3 images with the first being a woman bending over in the garden and the second a young boy measuring out a trellis and the third a colorful purple garden container full of flowers

Mother’s Day Planters and Other Garden Projects To Do With Mom

Mother’s Day Planters and Other Garden Projects To Do With Mom

monarch butterfly on salvia, birdhouse, hummingbird feeding on bird feeder

How-To: Wildlife-Friendly Gardening

There are a few basic elements to wildlife gardening, including plant selection, landscape design, and more. Create your critter-friendly garden today!

prepping garden for spring, raking, checking soil and fertilizing

A Quick Guide to Preparing Your Garden for Spring

Preparing your garden ahead of time for spring planting helps to prevent problems later in the season. Any seasoned gardener will agree that there are common nuisances—namely, weeds and pests—that can derail your gardening projects if you don’t deal with [...]

love is the language with houseplants

Love is the Language Quiz

According to the popular book by Gary Chapman, there are five love languages that each person has. We believe that plants are always a good option for celebrating love! This quiz to see what type of plant is the best gift for your lover based on their love language.