Jeff Pavone - Arizona Garden Coach

Artichokes, hibiscus, apricots and a raised garden bed with a variety of edible plants.About Jeff Pavone

Jeff moved to the desert over 20 years ago from Chicago and took classes with the Maricopa County Master Gardener Cooperative Extension to become a Master Gardener.

  • Jeff Pavone holding up a fresh-picked Romanesco, and three raised garden beds with a variety of veggies and flowers, with the Garden Coach logo.His passion is growing all things edible
  • He has a wealth of experience in organic gardening
  • He has extensive knowledge of all plants that do well in the desert
  • He is passionate about feeding plants so that they thrive in our climate, and using the best soils—designed for the growth and health of specific plants
  • He grows a wide variety of edible fruit trees—from tropical, to stone fruits to whatever you can imagine
  • He has over 30 trees growing in his desert garden, as well as a large vegetable and edible garden
  • He enjoys pickling, fermenting and dehydrating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables
  • He loves butterflies and pollinator-friendly plants
  • He’ll work with you to give you the tools you need to help your plants succeed!
  • He’s worked with SummerWinds for 7 years (as of July, 2022), and is one of two Garden Coaches who serve different parts of the Valley

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To see more photos of what growing in Jeff’s garden, you can follow him on Instagram: @jeffthegardencoach

Summer Garden Coach Services

Jeff can help with a variety of summer-time gardening needs, including:

  • Watering issues and recommendations
  • Addressing and preventing sun damage
  • Properly fertilizing/feeding plants to give your plants the nutrients they need in summer
  • Plant selection and identification

To learn more about our Garden Coach Services and costs, or to schedule an appointment with Jeff, click the button below:

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Sunflowers, a wide variety of vegetables and flowers growing in a raised garden bed, and a banana tree with fruits.(Photos courtesy of @jeffthegardencoach.)

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