Christmas Trees, Greenery & More

Poinsettias, small rosemary trees and other plants, a dog in front of Christmas tree, Christmas greens in a paper sleeve, a Christmas tree, bow and box for letters to Santa, and Christmas Wreaths.

Embrace the Holidays with Fresh-Cut Trees, Greenery & Colorful Holiday Plants

Our Christmas Trees - Available Now, While Supplies Last!

Close Up Fraser Fir Christmas Tree with Water Drop1. Only The Best - We work in advance with growers to find the perfect Christmas trees for the holidays. Those trees are cultivated, cut, groomed and shipped to our locations.

2. We Pamper Our Christmas Trees... Our Christmas trees receive the royal treatment—for trees! We give our trees the greatest care so you can enjoy them in your home for the holiday season.

  • Our trees are ALWAYS standing in water to ensure they're well-nourished!
  • Tree trunks are trimmed when purchased and are stand ready.
  • We have FREE netting for your tree available so that it's easy to attach it to your vehicle.
  • Tree Delivery is Available - for a fee (see stores for details).

3. Finding The Perfect Tree. That's where you come in. Stop by your favorite SummerWinds and pick out your perfect Christmas tree!

Fraser Fir Christmas Trees

Available Now - While Supplies Last!

Fraser Fir Christmas Trees at SummerWinds Nursery.

The Fraser Fir is a popular Christmas tree. Dark blue/green in color with strong, durable branches. Like the Nordman and Noble, this fir tree has staying power and will hold on to its needles long after being cut down. The branches on the bottom of this tree grow more up than out. This slender tree is perfect for homes with limited space. Our trees are expertly sheared, perfectly cone-shaped, bottom pruned and stand ready.

Fraser Fir Christmas Trees

  • 6 to 7 feet tall premium tree - $129.99 each
  • 7 to 8 feet tall premium tree - $159.99 each
  • 8 to 9 feet tall premium tree - $209.99 each
  • 9 to 10 feet tall premium tree - $279.99 each
  • Special Promo: 8 to 10 feet tall standard tree, available in limited quantities - $199.99 each, while supplies last

Christmas Trees Available Starting Friday, 11/24/23 - While Supplies Last!

Fresh Holiday Greenery

Available Now - While Supplies Last!

A close up of fresh cut Fraser Fir Christmas greens with pine cone and berries.We have a beautiful selection of fresh greenery you can use to decorate your doors, table-tops, mantels, banisters and more! Plus, you can enjoy the distinctive aroma of fresh-cut greens during the holiday season!

Fraser Fir Wreaths, Roping and Garlands

  • 25-inch Decorated Wreath: $59.99 each - available only at our Phoenix store
  • 25-inch Plain Wreath: $49.99 each
  • 36-inch Plain Wreath: $59.99 each - available only at our Phoenix store
  • Garland/Roping by the Foot: $3.99 per foot

Door Swags

Made from a mix of Fraser, Balsam and White Pine

  • 24-inch Decorated Door Swag: $34.99 each - available only at our Phoenix store
  • 24-inch Plain Door Swag: $19.99 each

Premade Combo Greenery

Made from a traditional mix of Fraser, Balsam, White Pine and Cedar Boughs, Red Dogwood, and 2-berry sticks:

  • Premade Combo Sleeve: $19.99 each - available only at our Phoenix store
  • Premade Combo Planter: $49.99 each - available only at our Phoenix store

Available while supplies last. Selection varies by location.

Festive Flowers

Available Now - While Supplies Last!

A petite lemon cypress tree with a santa outfit ornament on it.This is the perfect time of year to add color and texture to your home with holiday favorite plants and flowers, including:

  • Amaryllis - Available in boxed kits and as bulbs. - Varieties include: Apple Blossom, Minerva, Red Lion, and White Christmas.  
  • Paperwhites 
  • Pointsettia - We have a variety of colorful poinsettia available now!
  • Cyclamen - Offers long-lasting color. Looking for a fun accompaniment? Ferns look fabulous with cyclamen!
  • Thanksgiving/Christmas Cactus - Available in white, pink, fuchsia, and purple.
  • Bromeliads - These colorful tropical plants can make a great addition to your holiday decor.
  • Rosemary & Lavender Trees  - These petite trees make a great decorative accent and provide fresh herbs for your favorite recipes!
  • Petite Lemon Cypress Tree - These petite evergreen trees have a delightful citrus fragrance.

Available while supplies last; selection varies by location. 

4 images: a closeup of a red amaryllis in bloom; a pink Thanksgiving Cactus plant; red, pink and white poinsettias; and a pink cyclamen with ferns in the background


In addition to the holiday favorites mentioned above, we have a wonderful selection of houseplants to choose from. Whether your're looking for a gift or to add color and life to your home, houseplants are always a great choice!

At SummerWinds, We Guarantee Success!