Weed Prevention & Controls

An AZ Desert landscape, raised veggie garden beds, and a lawn and patio in AZ with a lawn game with AZ flag painted on it.Tired of pulling weeds?

We've got your back!

At SummerWinds Nursery, we have a variety of effective natural, organic, and synthetic weed-preventing and weed-killing solutions for your desert garden and landscape.

3 sizes of Bonide Captain Jack's™ Deadweed Brew

Captain Jack's™ Deadweed Brew by Bonide 

Approved for Organic gardening, Captain Jack's™ Deadweed Brew herbicide provides fast-acting controls of weeds, grass, mosses, and algae within hours!

  • Use on visible weeds within: vegetable and flower gardens, landscaped areas, and lawns
  • Use on visible weeds around: shrubs, trees, buildings, foundations, sidewalks, fences, patios, and driveways
  • Use on visible weeds in: bark mulch and gravel
  • Fast-acting grass and weed killer that kills many types of weeds and grasses
  • Rainfast in three hours
  • Available in 3 sizes: 128 oz, 128 oz with pistol, and 32 oz
2 sizes of Bonide Captain Jack's™ Lawnweed Brew

Captain Jack's™ Lawnweed Brew by Bonide

Captain Jack's™ LawnWeed Brew is derived from iron (which occurs in nature) and offers selective control of broadleaf weeds, disease, moss, algae, and lichens in lawns. 

  • Quickly kills common weeds—down to the root—like dandelion, clover, moss, narrow-leaved plantain, chickweed, and thistle
  • Controls rust and snow mold
  • Works quickly, even in temperatures as low as 50°F
  • Kills weeds, not lawns
  • People and pets can enter treated area when spray dries
  • Available in 2 sizes: 32 oz and 128 oz with wand
Bonide Chickweed, Clover & Oxalis Killer

Chickweed, Clover & Oxalis Killer by Bonide

Designed for use on residential turf (lawns) to kill chickweed, clover, dandelions, ground ivy, oxalis, speedwell, veronica, wild violet, and over 100 more difficult to control weeds. 

  • Systemically kills weeds down to the root while not destroying your lawn
  • Begins working overnight
  • Is rainproof within hours of application
  • Available in a 16 oz ready-to-use spray bottle
3 sizes of Bonide KleenUp® “HE” High Efficiency Weed & Grass Killer

KleenUp® “HE” High Efficiency Weed & Grass Killer by Bonide 

Formulated to kill weeds, grasses, and brush in hours. Contact control kills to the roots so weeds don't grow back. 

  • One quart can treet up to 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Highly efficient—one application kills weeds and grasses
  • Use around trees, gardens, sidewalks, driveways, and more
  • Rainfast in hours!
  • Reseed lawns in just 4 days!
  • Available in 3 sizes: 32 oz concentrate, 32 oz ready-to-use spray bottle, and 128 oz
Bonide ProZone Weed Beater® Complete

ProZone Weed Beater® Complete by Bonide

This all-in-one weed control for lawns systemically controls weeds from the leaves to the roots. Provides both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control.

  • Controls/prevents over 200 weeds!
  • Kills broadleaf and grass weeds, including: chickweed, dandelion, clover, crabgrass, nutsedge, goosegrass, ground ivy, and more.
  • Works on cool and warm season grasses
  • Size: 10 lb. bag
2 sizes of Bonide Weed Beater® Plus Crabgrass & Broadleaf Weed Killer

Weed Beater® Plus Crabgrass & Broadleaf Weed Killer by Bonide

Designed to work—right to the roots—on over 200 hard to kill weeds! 

  • Works well in both warm and cool weather
  • Kills grassy and broadleaf weeds, such as: chickweed, clover, crabgrass, dollar weed, foxtail, oxalis, and more!
  • Complete post emergent weed control
  • Kills weeds not the lawn, when used as directed
  • Available in 2 sizes: 32 oz ready-to-use and 32 oz ready-to-spray
4 sizes of Bonide Weed Beater® Ultra

Weed Beater® Ultra by Bonide 

Effective on over 200 hard to kill broadleaf weeds—right down to the roots. 

  • Visible results in just 24 hours!
  • Proven cool-weather preformance
  • Rainfast, once dry
  • Reseed in just 2 weeks
  • Available in 4 sizes: 1 pint concentrate, 1 qt. ready-to-use, 1 qt. ready-to-spray, and 1 gallon
Earth’s Ally® Weed & Grass Killer - Powered by Sea Salt

Weed & Grass Killer - Powered by Sea Salt by Earth’s Ally®

Powered by sea salt, this weed and grass killer kills weeds to the roots—without any harsh chemicals!

  • Visible results in just 3 hours!
  • Safe for people, pets and the planet, when used as directed
  • Bee safe, when used as directed
  • Kills dandelions, clovers, ivy, chickweed, and crabgrass
  • Formulated for high foot-traffic areas
  • For use on driveways, patios, mulch beds, flower beds, and sidewalks
  • Good Housekeeping seal of approval
  • Size: 24 fl. oz.
Monterey Spurge Power®

Spurge Power® by Monterey

This 3-way post-emergent, selective broadleaf herbicide is designed for use on residential lawns.

  • Controls dandelions, chickweeds, clover, oxalis, spurge, wild violet, and many other broadleaf weeds
  • Cotains MCPA, Triclopyr, and Dicamba.
  • Not for use when temperatures exceed 85° F
  • Size: 1 pint
Monterey Vegetable and Ornamental Weeder

Vegetable and Ornamental Weeder by Monterey

This pre-emergence herbicide is designed to control annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in ornamental: trees, woody shrubs, and groundcovers, as well as with roses, established flowers, and in vegetable gardens.

  • Controls weeds by killing their seeds as they germinate (does not control established weeds)
  • Provides long-lasting control of annual grasses, including: annual bluegrass, johnsongrass (from seed), barnyardgrass (watergrass), junglerice, brachiaria, panicum (fall), bromegrass, panicum texas, cheat, sandbur, crabgrasses, sprangletop, foxtail, stinkgrass, and woolly cupgrass
  • Provides long-lasting control of broadleaf weeds, including: carpetweed, lambsquarter, chickweed, pigweed, florida pusley, puncturevine (Western US only), goosefoot, purslane, knotweed, russian thistle, kochia, and stinging nettle.
  • Size: 1 pint
3 sizes of Natria® Grass & Weed Control with Root Kill

Grass & Weed Control with Root Kill by Natria®

Kills tough weeds to the roots within minutes.

  • Controls a variety of weeds and grass, including: black medic, broom, brush, common chickweed, dandelion, english daisy, horsetail, kudzu, large crabgrass, mustard species, oxalis, plantain species, poison ivy, poison oak, red clover, vines, white clover, wild blackberry, and more
  • Can be used on moss, algae, and in areas where tough weeds invade
  • Available in 3 sizes: 24 oz, 32 oz, and 1 Gallon

Questions? Stop by and speak with one of our Trusted Garden Advisors to learn which product is best for your weeding needs!

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