Mementos & Gifts from Your Arizona Trip

A picture of the desert with 2 seed packages, a ceramic pot, LiveTrends small potted houseplants, and a small Talavera puppy.Are you in town for a special event—like the Super Bowl, to explore our great state, or to visit with friends and family? We've got some unique mementos and gifts that you can bring back home!

Choose from these Easy-to-Transport Items and More:

  • Native flower seeds—including special blends that attract pollinators
  • Flower Pillows: handmade in Sedona, these small ceramic vases are perfect for small cut flowers and buds
  • Decorative Rain Chains: made from metal or made from recycled shattered glass
  • Small ceramic hearts by artist Lisa Howe: perfect for use as a decorative dish or minature planter
  • LiveTrends houseplants: a variety of houseplants in unique, nature-inspired pots—including heart hoyas in heart pots
  • Talavera animals, suns, pots, reptiles, fish, birds, butterflies and much more—some designed to hang on your wall!
  • Windchimes: choose from a wide variety of windchimes that range in size, sounds and styles!
  • Shroomyz: ceramic mushroom accents for your houseplants and home.

To explore more of the garden and home décor items we offer, visit us at SummerWinds Nursery

Glass Rain Chains and Decor, Small potted succulents, coloful ceramic Shroomyz, and Woodstock windchimes.