Birdies Metal Raised Garden Beds

3 pictures of Birdies metal raised garden beds planted in the garden.

Make Your Garden Epic with Birdies Metal Raised Garden Beds

Birdies Metal Raised Garden Beds redefine excellence, offering a robust solution that promises over 20 years of gardening joy, thanks to their sturdy aluzinc steel makeup. These garden beds are your ally for generating plentiful harvests year after year, enhancing soil conditions, drainage, pest control, and extending the growing season.

Choose from 3 Sizes:

  • Small Raised Garden Bed: Ideal for city dwellers or those with compact gardens and slim side yards
  • Medium Raised Garden Bed: Suited for urban and suburban garden enthusiasts with moderate to large outdoor spaces
  • Large Raised Garden Bed: The best choice for those with extensive gardening areas, suburban landscapes, or small farms

Heights for Every Need:

  • 15” Short: A child-friendly option that encourages the younger generation to take up gardening
  • 29” Tall: Designed to make gardening a breeze by eliminating the need to stoop—perfect for individuals with mobility issues or those who experience back discomfort

A slate grey short Birdie metal raised garden bed planted in the garden.

Assembly Simplified

The introduction of a square-foot, modular layout streamlines the garden design process, making assembly straightforward.

Safety Assured

Crafted from aluzinc steel with USDA-approved paint and stainless steel fixtures, these garden beds ensure a safe environment for your soil and plants.

Ethically Produced

Proudly made in Australia, leveraging sustainable energy, ethical employment practices, and recycling initiatives for steel remnants.


Available in light clay and slate grey. 

Selection varies by location.

At SummerWinds, We Guarantee Success!

Photos: Courtesy Epic Gardening.