Flowering Trees

A purple orchid tree, a evergreen pear tree, and a weeping bottlebrush treeIn Search of Beautiful Blooms?

We've got them! Following are some of our favorite blooming trees. Available seasonally, while supplies last.

Weeping Bottlebrush Tree

Weeping Bottlebrush

(Melaleuca viminalis) - Brighten up your landscape with brilliant red bottle brush-like flowers spring into summer.

  • Makes a wonderful accent or specimen.
  • This evergreen ranges in size and character depending on variety.
  • Moderate growing to 20-40 feet tall with pendulous stems (unless a dwarf variety).
  • Red bottle brush-shaped spring flowers with occassional yellow anthers are followed by persistent small, round nut-like fruit.
  • Young reddish foliage matures to green.
  • Enjoys full sun and infrequent, deep watering during the summer, once established.
Bubba Desert Willow

Bubba Desert Willow

(Chilopsis linearis ‘Bubba’) - A fast-growing desert willow, native to the Southwest and thrives in arid urban environments.

  • Fragrant pink and burgundy two-toned flowers.
  • Glossy green leaves.
  • Deciduous, cold-hardy and drought toleratnt, once established.
  • Attracts hummingbirds, bees and butterflies.
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 Chilopsis linearis ‘Lopur’ PP #28,902 Desert Diva® (Desert Diva® Desert Willow)

Desert Diva® Desert Willow

(Chilopsis linearis 'Lopur' Desert Diva®) - Aptly named, the Desert Diva® Desert Willow will garner your attention! Pearlescent, velvety white buds open to deep, dark, purple burgundy blooms set against deep emerald green leaves that create dappled shade.

  • Fragrant, deep burgundy flowers with a yellow throat are loved by pollinators, making this tree a beekeeper's favorite!
  • Blooms from April through August
  • Grows to approximately 30 feet tall and wide
  • Low-maintenance and drought-tolerant, once established
  • They also protect against erosion
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Sweet Bubba Desert Willow

(Chilopsis linearis 'Sweet Bubba') - DESCRIPTION COMING SOON

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  • Details coming soon...
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Chinese Evergreen Pear

Chinese Evergreen Pear

(Pryus kawakamii) - This small to medium woody, semi-evergreen perennial tree makes an excellent specimen or accent with its beautiful, white late winter to early spring flowers.

  • Small, bronze, inedible, large pea-sized fruit follows its bloom.
  • Green foliage turns red in winter.
  • Prefers full sun to partial shade—especially in summer to avoid sun scald.
  • Needs regular watering, particularly during summer months.
Purple Leaf Plum

Purple Leaf Plum

(Prunus cerasifera) - This small to medium sized flowering deciduous tree will brighten up your yard with its purple summer leaves in full sun, greener leaves in shade.

  • Also known as a Myrobalan plum, purple pony cherry tree and Allred cherry tree.
  • Boasts perfect whitish pink early spring flowers and small edible drupe fruits on some varieties.
  • A moderately slow-growing tree to 15-20 feet tall with an equal spread once mature.
  • Moderate growing to 20-35 feet tall with an equal spread.
  • Prefers full sun, is heat tolerant with adequate water, and is cold hardy.
  • Prefers deep, regular watering for peak performance.
Purple Orchid Tree

Purple Orchid Tree

(Bauhinia variegata) - This woody, semi-evergreen perennial tree makes an excellent specimen or accent.

  • Spectacular purple flowers cover this tree in the spring.
  • Produces an intense array of large white, pink to purple tubular, orchid-like flowers in terminal clusters in early spring, followed by elongated, 6-inch long brown fruit pods in summer.
  • Has rounded light-green foliage that can fall in summer if not provided with supplemental irrigation.
  • Moderate growing to 20-35 feet tall with an equal spread.
  • Prefers full sun to partial shade and soils covered with turf or organic-based mulches.
  • Performs best with frequent watering at regular intervals, especially in summer.

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