Roses for Fresh-Cut Flower Bouquets

3 different flower arrangements with colorful, fresh-cut roses.

Create Long-Lasting Flower Arrangements with Roses

Your desire to "Stop and smell the roses"—both figuratively and literally, doesn't have to end once you go indoors!  Your local SummerWinds Nursery offers a variety of roses that grow beautiful long stems, perfect for including in long-lasting flower arrangements and bouquets.  

Here are some of the varieties that make for great flower arrangments, available seasonally, while supplies last: 

All My Loving roses in bloom in the garden.

All My Loving™

Hybrid Tea

A bunch of Celestial Night roses growing in the garden.

Celestial Night™


A closeup of a Chrysler Imperial Rose in the garden.

Chrysler Imperial

Hybrid Tea

single double delight rose

Double Delight

Hybrid Tea

A bunch of Ebb Tide roses growing in the garden.

Ebb Tide™


A Fragrant Cloud rose in bloom in a garden.

Fragrant Cloud

Hybrid Tea

heavenly scented hybrid tea bush rose new for 2023

Heavenly Scented™

Hybrid Tea

Heirloom Rose in bloom in the garden.


Hybrid Tea

pinkish white john f kennedy hybrid tea rose

John F.Kennedy

Hybrid Tea

red lasting love hybrid tea rose

Lasting Love®

Hybrid Tea

Close up of red Mr. Lincoln hybrid tea rose

Mister Lincoln

Hybrid Tea

A closeup of an Olympiad Rose.


Hybrid Tea

yellow oregold hybrid tea roses


Hybrid Tea

A closeup of a perfect moment rose in bloom.

Perfect Moment

Hybrid Tea

pinkish purple perfume factory rose

Perfume Factory™

Hybrid Tea

picture perfect hybrid tea roses new for 2023

Picture Perfect™

Hybrid Tea

white pope john paul ii rose

Pope John Paul II

Hybrid Tea

pink queen elizabeth grandiflora rose

Queen Elizabeth


Queen of Elegance Roses in the garden.

Queen of Elegance™


A Rio Samba Rose in bloom.

Rio Samba

Hybrid Tea

A Sedona Rose growing in the garden.


Hybrid Tea

pink tiffany roses in garden


Hybrid Tea

Close up of coral-orange Tropicana hybrid tea rose in garden


Hybrid Tea

Roses are available seasonally, while supplies last. Selection varies by location.

Pink roses growing against a white fence near alternating bright green plants and lavendar

Companion Plants

While the above varieties make for great cut-flowers, they also look great with other blooms. Click the button below to learn more about some of the companion plants that look beautiful, and grow well, with roses. 

Rose Companion Plants

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