Climbing & Tree Roses

3 Photos of roses: climbing pink roses on column, a small round-topped pink rose tree in the garden, and red climbing roses on an old wall

There are so many wonderful ways roses can be used in your garden landscape. Climbing roses and tree roses are just two of those! At SummerWinds Nursery, we offer an array of roses for your every gardening desire.

Climbing red rosesClimbing Roses - Available in the Fall

Climbing roses can be trained to grow on walls, posts, trellises, arbors and much more! Whether you want to add a whimsical splash of twisting color, add interest and texture to an otherwise bare wall, or if you want to create some privacy, climbing roses can help you accomplish these garden goals!

Most Climbing roses grow anywhere from 8'–20' in height and exhibit repeat-blooms. They lack the ability to cling to supports on their own, and must be manually trained and tied over structures such as arbors. Climbing roses are great for arbors and entry ways. They flower on green canes that get direct sun light and only require pruning every other to every third year to remove gray wood.

Climbing Roses Coming this Fall...

A row of iceberg tree roses at SummerWinds.Tree Roses - Available Now

Tree roses are actually two different roses combined into a single plant. It consists of a root stock grown up as a trunk and the canopy, which is the desired variety. A tree rose is essentially just a normal 'bush' rose two, three, or four feet off the ground. Tree roses make a great garden accent and do require a good strong stake to support their blooms.

Tree rose varieties are in-store now.

Selection varies daily by store — available while supplies last. Please check with your local SummerWinds Nursery.

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