Specialty Summer Edible Plant Starts

Specialty Edibles Collection

Locally-Grown Vegetable, Fruit & Herb Plant Starts

Stop by your local SummerWinds Nursery and choose from a variety of edible plant starts, including those listed below—available while supplies last:

  • Basils - Nufar Sweet, Red Rubin, and Siam Queen (Sweet Thai)
  • Cucumbers - Armenian, Homemade "Pickles", and Lemon
  • Eggplant - Black Beauty
  • Gourd - Luffa
  • Herbs - Garlic Chives, Epazote, I'itoi, Lemon Balm, Greek Oregano, Rue Ruta Graveolens, English Thyme, Egyptian Walking Onions, Broadleaf Sage, Society Garlic, and Yerba Mansa
  • Malabar "Spinach"
  • Closeup of moringa tree branch with leaves and bloomsMoringa oleifera
  • Okra - Red Burgundy
  • Summer Squashes - Yellow Crookneck, Bennings Green Tint Scallop, White Bush Scallop, Straightneck, Black Beauty Zucchini, Cocozelle Zucchini, and Golden Zucchini
  • Sunflowers - Lemon Queen, and Velvet Queen
  • Watermelon - Moon & Stars
  • Winter Squash - Spaghetti

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