Stone Fruits

4 images: fresh picked plums on a white wood table (one sliced open); fresh peaches in a basket and on a wooden table; a closeup of a fruiting Jujube tree; and fresh apricots on rustic wood (one sliced open)

Fall is the Best Time to Add Stone Fruits to Your Tasty Garden

Fall is a fabulous time to add the delicious flavors of stone fruits to your backyard orchard or patio.  Plus, many are available in semi-dwarf varieties!

Stone Fruits

Stone fruits are fleshy fruits that grow around a large, stone-like pit (that has the seed within it). These include well-known favorites and some lesser-known delicious fruits including:

  • Apricot Blenheim (Royal), Gold Kist, Katy, Pixie, and Tropic Gold
  • Apriplum Flavor Delight 
  • Cherry  Minnie Royal, and Royal Lee
  • Jujube – Lang, Li, and Sugar Cane
  • Nectarine – Double Delight, and Nectar Babe
  • Nectaplum Spice Zee
  • Peach August Price, Babcock White, Bonanza, Bonita, Donut, Eva's Pride, Honey Babe, May Pride, Mid-Pride, Red Baron, Sauzee Swirl White, and Tropic Snow
  • Plum Beauty, Burgundy, Santa Rosa, Satsuma, and Weeping Santa Rosa
  • Pluot Flavor Grande, and Flavor King

Many of the above are available in semi-dwarf varieties, while supplies last!

Stop by your local SummerWinds Nursery to explore the varieties we have of these tasty fruits!

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