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Pond Plants Available At SummerWinds

Select Pond varieties Now Available at SummerWinds Nursery 

Looking to spruce up your backyard space with a relaxing water retreat? A backyard pond with running water, floating plants and swimming fish can make an attractive addition to your home. With a little extra care at the planning and planting stages, you can create a pond that's easy to care for and easy to maintain.

Planting your pond plants is not as complicated as you might think and can be done in a weekend without much hassle. With a little help from the SummerWinds Nursery staff, and our extraordinary selection of pond plants, you can have your pond blooming in no time.

Here are a few popular pond plants that are easy to care for, easily maintained and make a lovely addition to your tranquil space:

Water Lilies

Water lilies

This beautiful pond plant rises from the deep and blossoms into a picturesque flower. Water lilies, while appearing delicate, are as hardy as they are beautiful. Water lilies are easy to plant and are a good choice for the beginner. Once planted, water lilies require little to no care to maintain.

Water lilies, like most pond plants, help keep the water in your pond clean and aerated reducing the time need to maintain your pond. If you looking for a pond plant that is beautiful, easy to grow and practical, Water lilies are the perfect choice for finishing your garden pond.

Yerba Mansa

Yerba mansa

Yerba Mansa translates into English as tranquil herb. Yerba Mansa grows natively in wetlands in New Mexico, Arizona, and California. It has thick bluish-tinged leaves that become spotted with red and black in the fall, and die back in the winter. It flowers in spring to midsummer, and the dry, prickly reddish-brown seedpods linger for several months. The most attractive feature of this plant is its fragrance. It boasts a spicy aroma that hangs in the air and is released when the leaves are crushed. The smell has been likened to a combination of wild ginger and eucalyptus.

Yerba Mansa is cultivated and used in many holistic treatments to cure a wide range of illnesses from tuberculosis, to stomach and intestinal problems.

Umbrella Grass

Umbrella grass

The Umbrella Grass name comes from the leaflets that grow on top of the tall stems which look like the spokes of an umbrella, giving an overall attractive and novel appearance. Umbrella Grass copes well with a wide range of light and temperature levels and grows quickly. It is very adaptable and accommodating, growing equally well in full sun or medium shade.

Umbrella Grass can even be grown easily indoors. It has become a popular and stylish choice for those looking to add decorative foliage that is easy to care for indoors.



Pass by any lake, pond, river or marsh that has been left to Mother Nature’s attention and you are likely to see Cattails. These perennials are sturdy plants that can grow to almost 10 feet tall. They have heavy roots, long, flat leaves and cylindrical brown flower spikes. Cattails require a constant source of water to grow and thrive. If you want to attract a wide variety of wildlife into your landscape, consider cattails for your pond. Cattails provide safe shelter for fish throughout the year and for mammal and birds during the winter cold.

All parts of the Cattail plant are edible and have long been used by the Native Americans as a food source and for traditional indigenous crafts.



Canna, known as Variegated Water Canna, is a tropical bog plant that requires a moist environment to thrive. Canna comes in a variety of colors including: white, pink, peach, orange, red, yellow, and multicolors. Cannas are best grown in rich, fertile soil in full sun. Depending on the variety, Canna can grow from 1.5 to 6 feet tall and 1.5 to 3 feet wide. Canna blooms brilliantly and often in the spring and summer months. The large, dramatic, tropical foliage makes it an exceptionally beautiful plant. It is a truly stunning addition to any pond feature.

Canna has an amazing commercial value. The Canna plant and bi-products made from the plant may be used as a food source and additive to products consumed by humans and livestock.

All of these pond plants are available at SummerWinds Nursery in Mesa. Stop in today to see our selection. Our trusted and professional Garden Advisors are there to help you in creating your pond retreat. With their assistance and SummerWinds Nursery plant guarantee you are sure to succeed. Visit SummerWindsNursery.com to learn more and find a location nearest you.

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