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How to Create a Scented Patio

Spring is here, which means summer is right around the corner. With warm spring days and nights, it's the perfect time to sit out on your patio and enjoy the fresh air, before the heat of summer kicks into gear. Why not add a little aroma to the ambiance through scented plants?

From the earthy, year-round fragrant foliage of herbs to seasonal fragrant blooms like plumeria, a touch of the right scents can make your patio that much more enjoyable.

While some fragrant plants are best grown next to the patio, others can be planted in containers, built-in garden beds or displayed in hanging baskets.

5 Fabulous Scented Plants to Liven Up Your Patio Garden

Dianthus1. Dianthus

These gorgeous flowers are often called "pinks" due to their most common color and because they can easily be cut with pinking shears. They grow wonderfully in containers and have a spicy and vanilla-like scent. Dianthus is available in a wide range of colors from peach to pink, to magenta and purple... there's a shade perfect for your scented patio.

Hummingbird Mint - Hyssop2. Hummingbird Mint (aka Hyssop)

To many, Hummingbird Mint smells like bubble gum—yum! This plant grows well in containers and is drought tolerant. Though, if you live in lower elevations, a little extra water is helpful for healthy blooms.

Mt. Lemmon Marigold3. Mt. Lemmon Marigold

This is a controversial scented plant because it is either loved or hated. The scent is described as smelling similar to sage. Have you inhaled the Mt. Lemmon Marigold's scent? What do you think of it? Mt. Lemmon Marigold needs full sunlight and does well when grown next to the patio as the bush can get quite large.

Tulips4. Tulips

A perfect flower for spring, the tulip is a favorite of many. These plants have a subtle, fruity fragrance and come in a wonderful variety of colors such a white, yellow, pink, purple and more...

Dwarf Citrus5. Semi-Dwarf Citrus

Semi-dwarf citrus trees can make a fabulous addition to your patio. They can be grown just off the patio as an accent tree or on the patio in a container. Plus, you have the added benefit of their scented spring blooms giving way to tasty summer fruits!

What is your favorite plant to smell? Have you considered adorning your patio with their sweet scents?

Visit your local SummerWinds Nursery to pick up a few wonderful blooms and bushes that will make the air around your home smell great! You can even grow a few delightful scented plants together that will complement each other.

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