Image of pink and green houseplant with text "5 Things you can do to Improve the Health of Your Houseplants"

5 Tips For Healthy Houseplants In Winter

After the holiday season, winter can start to feel a little dreary and that gardener in you might need a diversion until you can get back outdoors. Why not focus on your houseplants?

Maintain a lovely 70 degrees

1. A Lovely 70º F

While your houseplants need and like the light, during the winter months, houseplants that are placed too close to windows and doorways may get too chilly from those drafty locations. The opposite it true as well - most houseplants can’t tolerate much of a temperature change and if they are sitting too close to a vent or heater, they may experience dryness or poor circulation. Like us, houseplants thrive at temperatures between 65º and 75º F.

2. A Nice Sponge Bath

Simply dusting, spraying or wiping down your houseplants will relieve that stress weighing them down. A healthy plant is less likely to attract bugs.

Wipe away the dust and dirt on your houseplants

3. Dip Their Roots And Get Out

Houseplants that sit in water for more than 20 minutes or so can endure salt burn on their precious roots. It’s best to water thoroughly and discard excess water at the basin.

4. A Little Extra Sunshine

Because the days are shorter during the winter months, your plants may need a little more direct light (maintaining that reasonable distance from drafty windows and vents). Also, try turning them a quarter turn each week to make sure they grow evenly. Don’t make them work too hard for it.

5. The Right Food

Fertilizing your houseplants during the winter months is still a great idea but make sure it’s the right kind. Feed them with a time release fertilizer like Osmocote Plus. After one application (based on the size of the container), each time you water, the fertilizer is released into the soil and will feed your houseplant for up to 6 months. Water soluble fertilizers aren’t recommended during the winter season because you have to water and then water again. And if applied when plant is dry, it could burn the roots and/or plant.