Collage: Drip system in veggie garden, pruning, and spraying a flowering shrub

10 Things you Should do in Spring for your Arizona Landscape

It's Springtime in the Valley of the Sun!

Spring is the perfect time to go through your garden and give it all the love it needs so you can enjoy fabulous home-grown treats, and grow beautiful flowers, grasses, shrubs and trees!

It's the pefect time to:

  1. Check your drippers & irrigation system to make sure they are working properly. If needed, adjust watering times & frequencies to accommodate growing plants.
  2. Time to fertilize the landscape! Citrus, fruit, trees, shrubs & groundcovers will get a jumpstart this spring when you fertilize with Fertilome Tree & Shrub or Fertilome Fruit & Citrus Tree. We also have great organic fertilizers available by E.B. Stone Organics.
  3. Add Humic Acid to encourage new, healthy spring growth and aid in the absorption of fertilizer and nutrients that have been “locked” in the soil due to high or low pH levels.
  4. Prune branches back on trees, shrubs and groundcover. Thin out trees to allow more air flow between the branches. This will help your plants when monsoon winds arrive this summer. Watch our "How to Prune" video for more details.
  5. Remove debris from underneath shrubs. The litter provides a place for insects to live/hide.
  6. Prepare/plant your spring vegetable garden, if you haven’t already. Vegetable transplants are in! We have several varieties available.
  7. Apply pre-emergent to prevent Spring/Summer weeds.
  8. Apply Bayer Protect & Feed (12-month) around trees & shrubs to prevent caterpillars from eating the foliage. Note: This is NOT meant for edibles.
  9. In April/May (night time temps need to be in the mid 60’s), expect to start transitioning lawns from winter (Rye) to summer (Bermuda).
  10. Take inventory! Do you have all the tools necessary to do the job? Gloves, tools, soils & fertilizers? If not, come in and one of our Trusted Garden Advisors can help you.

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