making a fresh holiday greens wreath, fresh cut christmas trees, and fresh holiday greenery table centerpiece

How to Make Your Fresh Cut Evergreens Last

One of the most wonderful parts of the holiday season is decking the halls. We put up our Christmas trees, place poinsettias thoughtfully around our homes, and spread pieces of holiday cheer to create a cozy and perfectly seasonal atmosphere. Nothing says "holiday season" quite like boughs, wreaths, and centerpieces of fresh-cut evergreens. We'll walk you through all of our best tips and tricks for preserving fresh-cut evergreens and show you how to both select the finest product and how to keep Christmas greenery fresh all season long.

fresh cut greenery with pineconeHow to Preserve Fresh Evergreens

Fresh evergreen cuttings are as timeless and elegant as they are simple to use in decorations. Some folks can feel intimidated by keeping fresh-cut evergreens happy and alive, but we promise you it is easier than it may seem! You just need to remember to always start with the best product, keep your evergreens moist and away from heat, and use a few handy tools—which we'll show you!—to give your greens a little added boost of freshness.

Selecting the Best Fresh Cut Evergreens

Evergreens make the perfect plant for fresh cuts. Unlike many trees, evergreens have evolved needles to hold onto moisture throughout the winter, meaning that even when cut, they are less susceptible to drying. When shopping for your new evergreen décor elements, try a few tests to make sure they are as fresh as they can be. Fresh-cut evergreen branches and needles will be pliable and bendy when held and touched, unlike old or dry evergreens, which will feel brittle and break rather than bend. When shopping, give your wreath, swag, or garland a good shake. If many needles fall out or drop off, consider another product. Smell is another indicator—the freshest evergreens will smell absolutely wonderful but lose their scent as they age.

fresh cut greens cedar foliageKeeping Your Evergreens Moist

Now that you have selected the freshest product you can find and brought it home, we recommend giving it an extra boost of moisture before adding it to your holiday décor. Once your evergreens are home, give them a fresh cut just like you would a Christmas tree, and put them in water right away. For bonus points, you can submerge the whole fresh-cut evergreen branch, wreath, or bundle in water for a few hours to allow it to soak up all the water it possibly can. Once your fresh evergreens are on display, keep a mister on hand to spritz them every few days to keep them as happy as possible. If you can, keeping the ends in water and changing out that water frequently will also help maintain your evergreens' freshness. 

Staying Away From Heat!

Like lack of moisture, heat can really do some damage to your fresh-cut evergreens and cause them to dry out or bleach. Keep your wreaths, fresh garlands, door swags, and centerpieces in low-light areas to prevent the sun from drying them out. As an added bonus, you can decorate them with lights to brighten up that space, adding more holiday spirit to darker corners of your home! Just be sure to use LED lights, as other kinds release heat which can further damage your greenery.

bonide wilt stop and pursells christmas tree preservativeKeeping Your Evergreens Looking Fresh

Now that you've set up your fresh-cut evergreens with plenty of water and placed them well out of the way of light and heat, we recommend you spray them with an anti-desiccant. Wilt-Stop is our personal favorite, as it creates an anti-transpirant protective barrier that leaves your evergreens looking better than ever! This anti-desiccant will seal in moisture and help maintain freshness for as long as possible.

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