Fresh Cut Christmas Trees & Holiday Decor

holiday two images with the first being a christmas tree in the doorway and on that door is a holiday wreath.  The second image is a cute little dog playing with a faux evergreen branch and underneath are the words space, big or small we can help you decorate it all

Fresh Cut Christmas Trees - Have Arrived!

douglas fir fresh cut christmas tree standing in water in summerwinds lot

Sale on Douglas Fir!

Douglas Fir

  • 5 to 6 foot - $49.99
    • 6 to 7 foot - $59.99
      • 7 to 8 foot - $69.99
      Noble fir trees fresh cut and standing in water in summerwinds parking lot

      Noble Fir

      • 2 to 3 foot - $34.99
        • 5 to 6 foot - $89.99
          • 7 to 8 foot - $139.99
          cook fir fresh cut christmas tree standing in water in summerwinds lot

          New This Year! - Cook Fir

          • 7 to 8 foot - $139.99

          We Pamper Our Christmas Trees... Once they arrive at SummerWinds, our Christmas trees receive the royal treatment (for trees). We pamper, trim and prepare our trees so you can enjoy them in your home for the holidays.


          • Trees are ALWAYS standing in water
          • Trunks trimmed when purchased - our trees are stand ready
          • FREE netting for your tree to attach to your vehicle
          • Tree Delivery available - with fee (stores for details)
          • And Now available for purchase on-line to Pick up in-store at our Campbell location or have it delivered to your front door!

          Love That Fresh Holiday Greenery!

          We have a beautiful selection of fresh Fernhill Holly Farms greenery to decorate your doors, tables, mantels, banisters and more! The fresh scent will add to the experience.

          Holiday decor - golden forest wreath powder coated ring which is beautifully decorated with noble fir, western red cedar, faux berries all capped with a large festive bow

          Golden Forest Wreath

          Simple but elegant, this wreath includes a powder coated ring (1/4” steel) which is beautifully decorated with Noble Fir, Western Red Cedar, faux berries all capped with a large festive bow. About 24" overall.
          Holiday centerpiece called winter forest - a metal container with greenery, pinecones, sticks and canella berries

          Winter Forest Centerpiece

          This stunning arrangement is sure to bring the smells of the forest into your home.  Included is a formidable metal container that fits the clean look of the forest.  The design provides a hefty portion of the delightful Noble Fir, Western Red Cedar and Princess Pine.  Anchored in the middle are three large sticks and flanked by Ponderosa Pinecones and Canella Berries (from India). The Winter Forest Arrangement is large and aromatic.
          Holiday décor - two branches that have that forest log look, adorned with noble fir and western red cedar decorated with ponderosa cones, faux berries and topped with a large bow

          Holiday Log Decor

          Designed with two 12-14” branches (2-3 inches in diameter, each) that provide the forest log look, adorned with Noble Fir and Western Red Cedar decorated with Ponderosa Cones, faux berries and topped with a large bow.   Beautifully done and ever so versatile.  Can be placed on dining tables, end tables, mantles and more!
          Holiday decor 2021 magic forest arrangement a rustic wooden container with a large assortment of noble fir, western red cedar and princess pine, accented with pieces of wooden branches and ponderosa pinecones

          Magic Forest Centerpiece

          This beauty is like walking into a gorgeous forest meadow.  Their Forest collection extends to a rustic wooden container with a large assortment of Noble Fir, Western Red Cedar and Princess Pine, accented with pieces of wooden branches and Ponderosa Pinecones.  The Magic Forest Arrangement becomes a statement piece for any holiday home decorating.

          enchanted forest wreath a collection of rich noble fir, fragrant berried juniper, festive ponderosa pine cones and elegant canella berries

          Enchanted Forest Wreath

          A collection of rich Noble Fir, fragrant Berried Juniper, festive Ponderosa Pine Cones and elegant Canella Berries. A striking combination in a 24" Christmas wreath. Unique by nature, this festive wreath includes all the traditional ingredients of the holidays.
          holiday decor mixed noble wreath with mixed greens and pinecones

          Mixed Noble Wreath

          Hand made wreath -generous portions of Incense Cedar and Berried Juniper, accented with Ponderosa Pine Cones. Available in 20", 28" and 36".
          holiday decor 2021 regal fruit wreath

          Regal Fruit Wreath

          Hand made wreath - A bountiful assortment of faux apples, cones, boxwood, cedar and canella berries are beautifully arranged on a Noble base.
          holiday decor - mixed candle ring with mixed greens and pinecones

          Mixed Candle Ring

          Hand made - Noble Fir branches decorated with a mix of cedar, berried juniper, and Ponderosa Pine Cones. They have a 6 inch base and measure approximately 14 inches each.

          holiday decor 2021 mini bunch greens

          Bunch Holiday Evergreens

          The mixed evergreen bouquet includes a variety of holiday firs uniquely selected for a festive color and texture combination.
          holiday decor door charm with evergreens and pinecones

          Evergreen Door Charm

          This lovely charm is a combination of Noble Fir, Western Red Cedar, Berried Juniper, Incense Cedar, Princess Pine, and Pine Cones.
          holiday decor 2021 evergreen bouquet

          Evergreen Bouquets

          Bouquet contains an assortment of Douglas Fir, Princess Pine and Port Orford Cedar.
          cedar garland

          Cedar Garland

          Cedar Garland is especially unique because of its holiday fragrance and rich, green color. Long and draping branches make cedar the ideal way to decorate a mantel, banister, front door or table setting.
          2 bags of cinnmon cones

          Cinnamon Scented Cones

          A powerful assortment of Cinnamon Scented Ponderosa Pine Cones.

          Sprinkle in Color

          Red poinsettia


          We love this time of year because our tables are filled with this gorgeous plant. To learn how to pick the best poinsettia... Learn More

          red cyclamen


          Don't forget to sprinkle the color outside. We have tables full of red and white cyclamen as well that will offer long lasting color in your beds and containers. Hardy cyclamen lights up the garden with showy mounds of foliage and heart-shaped leaves that appear in autumn and last until the plant goes dormant in late spring. For additional information and how to care for your cyclamen..Learn More

          Incredible Host/Hostess Gift Ideas... Plus Something For Your Home

          Please Note - Selection May Vary By Location

          White Amaryllis blooms up close with lovely warm light in the background

          Amaryllis - We have 4 varieties of the prettiest amaryllis in kits. Choose from Minerva, Red Lion, Mont Blanc or Apple Blossom. Simply add a bow or plant in your own arrangement.

          Check out this great DIY video from Garden Answer   Planting Amaryllis

          houseplants as a hostess gift

          Houseplants - You won't find a bigger or better selection of houseplants than at SummerWinds. If you are looking for a cute 4inch plant, we have Kalanchoes, African Violets, and many more cool and colorful plants. We also have large variety of 6" and larger houseplants sure to impress.

          Check Out Our Blog - We've Selected "The Best" In Houseplants

          bonsai as a hostess gift

          Bonsai - Decorative, therapeutic and timeless, bonsai make a lovely statement as a gift. Each of our bonsai come with a card with their age to indicate the growers dedication to growing a healthy and worthy bonsai. We also have the tools to maintain your bonsai.

          Makes a great hostess gift

          We have a huge selection of many more decorative plants to choose from. Hydrangeas in blue and white, ornamental oregano plants, mini holiday pines with lights, and don't forget the precious orchid. This lovely specimen can say it all. In an assortment of varieties and colors, we are sure to have the plant perfect for their home and yours

          At SummerWinds, We Guarantee Success!