Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

last minute holiday gift giving ideas including mossify, cyclamen and houseplants

Need some last minute gift ideas?  How about gifts from the garden?  

Here are 8 Great Gift Ideas to get you in and out and on your Merry way...

houseplants peperomia assorted1. Houseplants

Who wouldn't want a new beautiful oxygen purifier in their home as cute as a peperomia or hoya. There are so many houseplants at all of our locations to choose from. If you aren't sure which would be best as your gift, just as any or our houseplant experts and they can assist you in your gift giving endeavors.


mossify bendable moss pole with product highlights on the imagesNew at SummerWinds!

2. Mossify

Looking for a great way to train your tropical vining plants in a natural, yet easy way?  You'll want to check out Mossify.  Bendable moss poles!  Mossify has other great houseplant products - New at SummerWinds that will make an awesome gift for that houseplant lover in your life.


red cyclamen planted in red bowl with handle3. Cyclamen

How about giving them intense color for their home and garden that will last well through holidays with Cyclamen. This versatile plant is available in assortment of colors with stunning accent foliage.


amaryllis red lion in home setting4. Amaryllis

On Sale Now - $9.99

Amaryllis make a wonderful hostess gift all on their own or plant up with other plants and watch it make its presence known in just a short time. It is a wonderful holiday plant and will last well through the holiday season. Available in an 4 varieties - While Supplies Last.


red christmas cactus houseplant5. Christmas Cactus

This cactus is a hardy houseplant that produces small, flat stem segments that are oval in nature.  They will typically bloom November through January and if kept in a nice consistent temperature can keeps blooms longer.  Everyone should have a Christmas Cactus in their houseplant collection.

livetrends meta morphic design houseplants with planter6. LiveTrends Houseplants

We have a variety of nature-inspired potted houseplants that make a great grab-and-go gift, or accent to any home or office décor! Explore designs from a variety of collections brought to you by LiveTrends.

LiveTrends Houseplants

A variety of blue garedening tools, seed packages, a decorative hanging crystal, and purple plants -- all displayed with a concrete floor7. Garden Accessories

It can be fun putting together a gift for that gardener in your life and we have the perfect accessories to create that perfect package.

A SW Gift Card displayed on Christmas greenery with berries and a pine cone.8. SummerWinds Gift Card

What better than to give the gift of green with a SummerWinds Gift Card.  They are sure to find exactly what they need for their home and garden.

Gift Card

For more last minute ideas, visit any one of our 5 local SummerWinds in the Bay Area.